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SmartRadio Suite Unveils ‘Amplify Your Faith Getaway’ to Redefine Radio Promotions

Vero Beach, FL, 11/02/23 — SmartRadio Suite, a prominent content provider affiliated with ChristianFM Media, is thrilled to introduce the ‘Amplify Your Faith Getaway,’ a groundbreaking promotion for its affiliate stations. Geoff Moore, the National Affiliations Director, shares, “We’re not merely changing the game; we’re rewriting the rulebook, and we invite you to be a part of this transformation.” He adds, “While most companies offer just one grand prize for over 100 signals, we wanted to do something truly unprecedented, creating a unique faith-filled experience that ignites enthusiasm and engagement, with each affiliate station having a winner.” Geoff further elaborates, “This marks the beginning of a series of exciting developments for our affiliates, all aimed at bringing people closer to Christian radio.”

In total, there will be 15 winning families of 4.

Highlights of the ‘Amplify Your Faith Getaway’:
– Enjoy more than 12 performances by Christian artists like We The Kingdom, Casting Crowns, Phil Wickham, Brandon Lake and more that lasts over two extraordinary days.
– Receive roundtrip airfare, transportation, three nights of luxurious hotel accommodations, and three days of theme park and event tickets.
– Immerse yourself in a one-of-a-kind event that unites believers in faith and celebration.
– Families will encounter captivating surprises, enhancing their unforgettable experience.

Employing exceptional promotional initiatives that resonate with the audience reinforces the rapport and entices prospective listeners to gravitate towards the realm of faith-infused music, charismatic personalities, and engaging events.

SmartRadio Suite specializes in content for CCMs. For info, contact Geoff Moore at