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5 Ways To Embrace The Reality Of Our Future At Radio

When I began programming radio stations I was 23. I actually started working in our industry when I was 15. Like many, I’ve been at this for a moment.

It was my great fortune to work for highly creative broadcasters who focused on the consumer and consumer passion long before learning at the feet of a legendary radio consultant who taught me the science of applying strategy and process to local radio. Having those “creative years” in front of learning the science of radio placed a strong imprint on me about the power of what is possible. I never think of problems as making things “impossible.” I encourage you to think of impossible as something we apply to things that may be more difficult. Impossible lives in the brain.

Please consider these five (5) observations about the reality of local radio.

  1. So many people think the secret to local radio is “live and local,” but the real secret is being relatable to a specific mainstream audience in your market. Local radio gets its power from our ability to connect with and relate to a highly mobile consumer. Our powerful value is that we are a tribe with highly desirable consumers. Our strong brands build trust with those consumers (radio listeners) by establishing real relationships with them. That’s powerful influence.
  2. While every business seems to be under more pressure and potential disruption here in the 21st Century, local radio is the most connected media with consumers. That trust is our super-power. That means investment in coaching for our talent is important because those individuals are the entry attractants to our brands.
  3. I encourage you to think deeply about all that artificial intelligence means. Beyond the technology. What is the first word in the name? What one thing isn’t artificial intelligence? Authentic. The one thing it isn’t is real.
  4. Man makes no progress. Think about it: Almost everyone is talking around with a computer in their pockets that has essentially replaced all kinds of devices we used to use separately. But the way human behavior essentially hasn’t changed. That’s important because it means human to human communication is still powerful, important and real. We shouldn’t forget this.
  5. The underestimated value in humans is our vulnerability. We all spend so much time trying to be perfect. No human is perfect. Please allow me to encourage you to lean into and become more of an expert in vulnerability on radio, in person and in any way that we reach our consumers.

The whole business world wants to figure out how to do things with less people (or no people). Technology is a cold promise of easier, faster, less expense. Take it from me. The future of successful local radio depends on effective use of strategy, process, creativity and relationships. That’s your people. They’re worthwhile investments.

My favorite investments are what I call “The Twins.”  Encouragement and accountability. That’s the future.

Loyd Ford is president and chief strategic officer at Rainmaker Pathway Consulting Works (RPC). They help local radio with ratings and revenue. Reach him anytime at 864.448.4169 or