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Barefoot Media Ministries Raises Funds to Upgrade Tower and Antennas

Barefoot Media Ministries (89.5 KTSY & Project 88.7) are doing big tower work this summer! KTSY’s Boise antenna has had severe damage and is on an old tower. An opening to move tower locations, which includes significant upgrades and cheaper rent is planned for this summer. The Twin Falls antenna is also damaged – leaving both of KTSY’s main markets at risk.

This spring, KTSY, in partnership with i58:10 Media did a special fundraiser to provide the needed funds to upgrade both of these sites. With a goal of $150,000, the goal was met in one day and a morning show, and funds continue to come in!

Brian Yeager, President of Barefoot Media Ministries says, “i58:10 has become an invaluable partner. Not only do they train our team in fundraising, they help us execute the fundraisers at a very high level. The growth and expansion of Barefoot Media Ministries in large part because of the strategic fundraising mindset that i58:10 brings.”

Completion of the upgrades are scheduled for the first two full weeks of July.

Picture: David Harms, i58:10, Volunteer phone operator, Brian Yeager, President of Barefoot Media Ministries, Tristi Hendrick, KTSY AM Show