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Donor Confidence Shows Resilience in the Face of Economic Headwinds

You’re going to want to hear this conversation. In this episode of Cause+Effect, we peel back the layers of what’s really happening in households across the nation amidst these difficult economic times as we dive into our Donor Confidence research released earlier this year.

  • What are the economic forces diminishing donor generosity this year? 
    • Inflation and personal financial situations.
    • Households are also choosing to give to fewer organizations on average. 
  • How can you best navigate the generational divide in philanthropy and economic uncertainty? 
    • If your organization is experiencing challenges around fundraising, you are not alone.  Millennial donors are most likely to hold back on giving this year but amongst overall donors there is stronger intent to give this year than last year.
    • Communication from direct mail is still highly effective – but you are more likely to see response online. More donors are giving via their mobile devices. Ultimately, a multi-channel approach is still the recommended strategy for reaching donors across generations.
  • Is there a spark of hope? 
    • Absolutely!  There is a resilient rebound in donor optimism compared to last year.

We’ve got answers. Listen now! 

P.S. If you missed the release, you can get your copy of the research here.