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This Father’s Day, Hope Media Group Hosts the World’s Biggest Small Group (WBSG)

Designed to encourage dads through real conversations about the value of Christian fatherhood, Hope Media Group hosts a new five-episode feature series on the World’s Biggest Small Group (WBSG) Podcast.

Chad Mondragon,(a.k.a. Pastor Chad), HMG’s Senior Director of Ministry Innovation,  sits down with four dads   for some honest talk about feeling  undervalued, misunderstood and worried that what they have to offer as fathers will never be enough.

The Facing Fatherhood WBSG Podcast explores five topics in five episodes covering: Daddy Issues, Father of Young Kids, Divorced Father, Empty-Nester Dad, and Grieving Father. The conversations are authentic and full of hope.

“The Bible speaks about and equips for the role of effective fathering,” states Pastor Chad. “We have also been left with the gift of the church (Christian community) to build each other up.”

Pastor Chad moderates each discussion which includes highlighted passages from the Bible to encourage and equip dads in every season.

To accompany every episode, there is a Facing Fatherhood discussion page on the WBSG website with scripture to consider and questions for reflection.

To join the World’s Biggest Small Group, just text GROW to 67010, or to 91976 or to 893893. Please sign up and complete the WBSG Study.