I was listening to one of Andy Stanley’s Your Move sermon messages recently. He was talking about surrendering our lives fully to Christ. And he explained a prayer he prays, and recommends we pray, tomorrow morning.

Lord, you know better.

About my marriage.

And parenting my kids.

And my work.

I want to do things today your way.

Would you please show me what that is and how to do it?


Oh my. What a revelation!

I would have told you prior to hearing this that I wanted to surrender my life every day fully to Him. But I could not have easily explained how on earth I was going to do that. Big desire . . .  less real life do-able step in actually accomplishing it!

Andy taught me a prayer. And an attitude. And a way then to listen, follow and surrender. In a way I’d never considered before.  I have been taking this step now for months each morning as I lift my heart Godward.  Before I chug that first cup of coffee, I detail my surrender.

Surrender is first a choice . . . of recognizing God’s ways, God’s thoughts, as better and higher than mine. And then listening for and following His ways throughout the day. Of making a Scriptural truth my own: Commit thy way unto the LORD; trust also in him; and he shall bring it to pass. (Psalm 37:5)

Surrender went from fuzzy to clearer. From way over my head to more in my head and heart. From impossible to more possible.

Thank you, Andy. And, thank you, Lord, for teaching me another step toward You. Amen.

Chuck Finney
President, Finney Media

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