Not Sparking Joy!

I smile a lot!  But it doesn’t always go clear through to my core.  

I’m not sure if it’s the expired food from 1992 or the hundreds of zip lock bags that hold everything from rubber bands to roller clips; but these are the things that are rubbing me the wrong way these days.  Ken and I knew it was the right thing to invite his 85-year-old mom to come and live with us since her 2nd floor condo was just too much for her to handle. But I didn’t expect that little things would start rubbing me the wrong way! This is not a proud moment. 

It’s not that I’m ever mean. But what I’ve realized is, it’s possible to be obedient on the outside and be an eye-rolling, cynic on the inside!  She is a sweet, agreeable, positive person (oh the irony)! It wasn’t until the gentle leader, the Holy Spirit captured one of those eye-rolling attitudes on His virtual-heart-smart phone and showed it to me right there in the kitchen. Gasp! Not very pretty, is it? Then, the very next moment, He brought to mind the verse that says, “what you’ve done to the least of these, you’ve done it to me.”  Sheesh!  I never thought of her as the least-of- these! Heart sink.

I’m working on that now. But it’s also opened up Pandora’s box whereby I’ve realized that she’s not the only one I should be treating as the least of these. Drivers on the Interstate, Comcast customer service reps, and tech support people who say “may I call you Leeza?”.  I’ll get to all of those a bit later because the God of all comfort, gives only a little bit to work on at a time. He’s such a gentle leader. And He loves you and me enough to lead us into all righteousness in baby steps. Let’s love with abandon, like He does.

Lisa Barry
Lisa Barry Media – On-Air Host

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