One thing I love about the broadcast communications field is that every day brings new opportunities for growth, connection, and life-changing impact. No two days in this industry are the same—each day is different & unique. Not only do we have a responsibility and an opportunity to uplift and encourage our listeners in this crazy world, but we are here to help them know Christ and grow in Him. God has filled us with an incredible passion and has called us to be broadcasters at this specific time in history—but do we get too caught up in ministry work that we sometimes forget to connect with Him?  

I start each work day with a to-do list, hourly agenda, and work reminder notifications popping up on my phone throughout the day. On my desk, I have a paper calendar that reminds me of upcoming meetings, work trips, and other work commitments. (Yes, I’m a millennial with a paper calendar!) Like many of us, an ideal workday for me is non-stop—I love going from one meeting to another, working on several different projects at once, and tackling that to-do list of mine. I really do enjoy productive, purpose-filled days that keep me busy all day long. But is it possible to sometimes be too busy—even with ministry-related work?

Last year, I was praying for God to give me a word for 2019. I wanted it to be a word that could be applied in my professional and personal life—a word that would steer 2019. The word God gave me was “Intentional”. During a time of prayer, God revealed to me that I wasn’t spending enough time with Him. Sure, I pray every day, I read my Bible, and I even work in Christian radio ministry encouraging others to do the same—but my personal time with God wasn’t as intentional as it could be.

Working in media ministry, so many of us are always busy with work commitments and ministering to others that we don’t take enough time for ourselves to be with God. God tells us to come to Him and He will restore our soul. In Psalm 73:28 it says “But as for me, how good it is to be near God! I have made the Sovereign LORD my shelter, and I will tell everyone about the wonderful things You do.”

 Working in this field demands a lot of our time and attention, believe me—I know! However, in order for us to be effective media influencers, we also have to make sure we’re spending intentional time with God through prayer, devotion, and everyday life.

Tom Miner
Connecticut School of Broadcasting –
Chief Communications Officer

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