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Christian AC / Spoken Word


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Tell us about your station:

Vision is a national network of 670+ stations across Australia. We are based in Brisbane and broadcast a mix of music and spoken word programming into Australia’s largest cities and tiniest towns. Our slogan is “Connecting Faith to Life” and that really sums up what we are all about. We have a real heart for discipleship and this is reflected in our programming as we seek to encourage, challenge and inform the body.

Your station’s most successful promotion:

“Successful” is such an relative term… I would say my FAVORITE promotion would be Miracles Day. It’s a campaign we run each year in partnership with CBM, and most of the other Christian stations in Australia. We all set aside a day to raise funds for CBM to perform cataract operations to restore the site of impoverished people in developing countries. Each operation is considered a “Miracle” and each miracle costs (on average) $32. The last few years we have sent our breakfast show into the field with CBM in countries like Tanzania, Nepal & Vietnam, to broadcast live for Miracles day and tell the stories of the people whose lives have been transformed by these miracle operations. This year, with all of the stations working together in unity, over 25,000 operations were sponsored!

Resources your station uses:

KSBJ Mentoring, Jocks Journal (Australian Industry Publication), Tracy Johnson’s Insiders,

One bit of wisdom to share with others:

Become platform agnostic. For the longest time we have thought of ourselves as “Christian Radio Stations”, but the reality is that “Radio” is just the platform, or the mechanism for delivery. In actual fact we are Christian content creators. So, the focus should be on creating engaging content that connects with your audience, regardless of the platform. These days everyone is consuming content differently… whether it’s on AM or FM radio, podcasts or on demand content, video or even written as an article. Great content is great content, regardless of how it’s delivered to the audience, so don’t get too hung up on the platform.

Share an impactful listener story:

We are as passionate about the tiny towns as we are the big metros. One of these towns is Mulan in Western Australia. With a population of less than 100 people, this indigenous desert community was rife with alcoholism, drug abuse and had one of the highest suicide rates per capita in the country. A few years ago we were asked to install a Vision Radio repeater station in this community in the hope of bringing change, so some ministry friends of our went in an installed the equipment in the remote town. The next time they visited the town they were greeted by a third of the community who had been listening to the station, and now wanted to be baptized! They obliged by performing the baptisms in the street with a garden hose! There hasn’t been a single suicide in that community since. It’s amazing the impact a 1 watt repeater can have! See for videos and more of the story.

Tell us why you’re a member of CMB:

Being waaaaaay down here in Australia we can be quite disconnected, but through CMB we have a greater connection to the industry, the artist and the labels. The relationships I was able to build by attending Momentum this year have been invaluable.

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    January – Your 2021 Radio Goals – Virtual Event
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