Sometimes, God provides so obviously, so clearly, and so memorably, that you think that you’ll never forget the moment. Later … you forget. At least that’s been my experience. Even for those of us who do believe ” if we are faithless, he remains faithful—” (2 Timothy 2:13).

Joshua’s men set up a stone monument to remember that God had delivered the Israelites safely through the Jordan River. Samuel stacked stones in a pile after God delivered them from the Philistines–a pile of standing stones that he called “Ebenezer”. This pile of rocks was meant to mark something that wasn’t to be forgotten – God did something here. Don’t forget. When your children and grandchildren ask about this pile or rocks, you’ll have a story to tell them.

During our time living in Washington, DC, my family and I would often go down to the National Mall and tour the monuments and memorials. Like all nations, ours puts up monuments so that we don’t forget. Something important happened here. Don’t forget.

What are your memorials, your flags in the ground, your witnesses, markers, records, and reminders of those moments when unmistakably, God came through for you?

As I’m writing this, our family is moving into a house we’re purchasing, north of Seattle. To me, that’s a miracle– that in the space of two years, our family could go from losing our house and both cars in the Houston flood during Harvey, and from facing a truly dangerous water rescue where we were very afraid … to stability, a new home, and restoration.

To see God restoring and rebuilding is awesome. Sometimes we get to see God’s gracious restoration right away, but often we don’t.

But we need to reminded. God is able. He’s willing to help. He’s all-powerful, he loves us and he is for us. That’s why taking a moment to build up a pile of rocks, to put up a monument in whatever form, is worth the time. Mark the moment. God did something here. Don’t forget. When your children and grandchildren ask, you’ll have a story to tell them.

His faithfulness doesn’t depend on us.

His faithfulness doesn’t depend on how close we feel to Him, or how far away from him we feel.

His faithfulness doesn’t depend on well we think we’re doing spiritually, or how poorly we’re failing (John 6:63).

He specializes in the impossible. There’s no other God like him. He’s always faithful.

He’s so full of grace. He provides for us when we humble ourselves and turn to him. He also provides for us when we don’t. That is so against every human instinct and inclination that it has to be divine.

Take a minute to think about a time when you absolutely know that God provided for you. A time when you know God was there–that the only possible explanation for your help, was that it came from the Lord. God did something there. Write it down. Tell someone else. Put up a pile of rocks. Build a monument. Don’t forget.

Ty McFarland
Director of Programming and Content, SPIRIT 105.3

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