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Tell us about your station:

We are small station with a Major market sound that loves to be involved with our community. Like many smaller market stations, our on air staff has to wear more than one hat. We serve East Texas with a 7.2 share (on our last ratings). Our Shows are all rated as the # 1 listened to in our home town from the Mornings to the Evening show. This year we were honored to be the CMB Small Market Station of the Year and the NRB Station of the year and were finalists for the Rob Gregory Award at CMB. We’ve also again been chosen as the Favorite Radio Station on Locals Love Our Morning Show with Mike and Carrie is the favorite morning show on Locals Love Us as well.

Your station’s most successful promotion:

It’s our Valentine’s promotion when we ask our audience to make homemade valentines for the children in the hospital, veterans at the VA home and for seniors in local Senior Residential homes. The great part about this promotion is that it’s very hands on and multiple impacts in our community – from the people who hand make the cards, to the high school classes who bus into the station to help with the sorting of the thousands of cards to the volunteers who help the staff deliver each one of the cards in person at each of the facilities and to each of the recipients. We say it’s God’s love covered in glitter. We delivered over 21,000 cards in 2015. We partner with 20 different businesses in the promotion as drop off locations and locations for crafting the cards.

Resources your station uses:

  • We use Chuck Finney as our Consultant.
  • For Show Prep – Taking It Deeper, Creative Cardio and Intelligence for Life, The CMB Forums, Imom and Allpro Dad
  • Pic Monkey has been big help with design also!

One bit of wisdom to share with others:

Make sure that you are focused on your mission and vision not only externally and Programming wise but also investing in that for your staff and Board. Second, make sure that the station outreach is so impactful and relevant in your community that it would leave a huge hole if the station were not there.

Share an impactful listener story:

We had a prisoner who listened to the station while behind bars and he worked for days to get enough money to buy two postage stamps. It was all that he had and he taped it to a letter and sent it to us saying, “…because I know how much I depend on this station to get me through the day”. We shared “Dave’s” story on the air and a man walked in the front door to say he’d been listening and he wanted to see the station that would cause a prisoner to work so hard to send what he could to support the station even from behind bars. After encountering several members of our staff and our volunteers the man stepped into our Prayer Room and gave his life to Jesus…all because of the gift of two stamps!

How has your station been impacted through CMB Memberships?

  • We believe in the mission of CMB and we know that we have been able to get so much great information and mentoring through CMB. The Forums offer peer to peer expertise and a great place where we can ask “what do YOU do with…..?”
  • We want to support the ongoing work that CMB is doing in our Industry. It’s also a great source of “community” for the whole Industry.
  • We believe that the educational value added to our staff through attending the Momentum in September and the smaller seminars – as well as the online forums is priceless for us. Even as a small market station, we value the CMB Momentum experience so much that more than half of our staff attends each year.

    2021 Membership Exclusives

    January – Your 2021 Radio Goals – Virtual Event
    February – SURPRISE BENEFIT 
    March – Radio Station Field Trip
    April – A Webinar for YOUR Board
    May – Virtual Mentoring Event
    June – SURPRISE BENEFIT at Momentum
    July – Salary Survey Webinar
    August – Fundraising Webinar
    September – Creative Images
    October – Techsurvey Webinar
    November – Radio Station Field Trip
    December – Virtual Christmas Party

    *subject to change


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