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Tell us about your station:

We are a team of people that love to love our listeners and our community. We focus on playing great music and let the music minister to our audience. We believe in telling the story and being relevant to our listeners so that we can be an effective part of their lives. Playing a key role in supporting other non-profit organizations is important to us. If we support our community and those organizations that give hope as well as help the needy, then our partnership brings healing to all of us. We feel deeply blessed to be involved in so many events and outreaches in this region.

Your station’s most successful promotion:

Anytime we can show up at a concert or give away something that blesses others we are all honored to get to be a part of God’s work in the Kingdom. There is one particular outreach we do every year now that moves us deeply to be able to do. February is our Share The Love month. We take nominations from our listeners of someone they know that is struggling with something significant in their lives. We hear stories of the loss of a child, cancer has hit, a tragic accident where the family lost everything and so many more devastating stories. Thanks to donations from a number of businesses we show up with a large gift basket, we share the story that was written about them and pray for them as they are beyond surprised and blessed. A lot of tears and a lot of joy is shared. We’ve noticed how people are not so interested in the gift basket at first, it’s that we “showed up”! …that we let them know “God hasn’t forgotten you”. We hold their hands and hug them as we pray for them. It’s a month of tears of gratitude as we travel all over the region to homes, hospitals, businesses, restaurants, birthday parties and anywhere we are able. We are even able to get the Local TV stations to follow us on some of the Share The Love drops. It’s the greatest feeling knowing we can be hands on with the Love of Christ.

Resources your station uses:

We are so thankful for some great wisdom shared with us through consultants and various resources. John Frost has been instrumental over the years of giving us direction and helping us with the vision for STAR as well as implementing new ideas for on air excellence. He’s also been such a help in connecting us with other key leaders in consulting over the years like Alan Mason and Tommy Kramer.
Just a few years ago we stepped out on faith to talk to our friend, Jerry Grimes with Advocace, about fundraising ideas and how we could be more effective in that area. He was able to give us some very sound advice and ideas we weren’t using that brought us to another level.
Other resources – Troy Research, helping us get the feedback we need from our listeners.
Keep The Faith, Brant & Sherri and Scott & Sam – wonderful editions to our line up of excellence.

One bit of wisdom to share with others:

Don’t do it alone –
Covering everything you do in prayer and keeping Jesus your first, best resource
Asking for wisdom from others that have experience and a great track record
Being a team in the hallways and at events and letting the people around you know they matter

Share an impactful listener story:

Her name is Diane and she is a convicted felon. She is trying to get her life back together and applied for a position she was hopeful about. She got the call back that said she was denied so she called the supervisor to see if she might talk about that and when she talked to him he shot her down in a very aggressive way. She was devastated and asked friends to pray but felt worthless. Then she heard on STAR 88.3 the words to the song that said “you are more than the choices that you make” by Tenth Avenue North and she became overwhelmed with hope. She called us sobbing and said “Those words brought me back to reality. I AM more than my past. I AM a new creation in my Lord, Jesus Christ, and nothing mortal man can say or do will change that solid foundation I found in Christ. Thank you, STAR 88.3, for sharing HIS music when we need it the most and I needed it today. So thank you, Jesus, and thank you, STAR 88.3!”

How has your station been impacted through CMB Memberships?

CMB has been a valuable tool for the leadership at STAR 88.3! There are a number of things that have been greatly impactful. At Momentum it’s allowed us to grow by connecting with other leaders in the industry, sit through some of the most amazing speakers in the world, have a chance to personally be ministered to by our fabulous artists in the Christian field and give us hope as we lead to stay close to Jesus. All of that allows us to bring back ideas to share with our team that also impacts their lives and positions. It’s also impressive how CMB stays connected throughout the year with opportunities to grow through online seminars. I’m so thankful for CMB and how the team there has gone above and beyond in bringing us excellence to inspire us to do greater things for the Kingdom. Thank you for your passion to serve so we might be more effective.

    2021 Membership Exclusives

    January – Your 2021 Radio Goals – Virtual Event
    February – SURPRISE BENEFIT 
    March – Radio Station Field Trip
    April – A Webinar for YOUR Board
    May – Virtual Mentoring Event
    June – SURPRISE BENEFIT at Momentum
    July – Salary Survey Webinar
    August – Fundraising Webinar
    September – Creative Images
    October – Techsurvey Webinar
    November – Radio Station Field Trip
    December – Virtual Christmas Party

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