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Since a memorable February afternoon in 1949 when Northwestern College President Billy Graham offered an opening prayer as KTIS went on the air, it has encouraged and inspired millions of listeners in the greater Twin Cities area.

A lot has changed in 65 years, to be sure. The music most certainly is different, and 98.5 KTIS is blessed with a state-of-the-art broadcasting facility at the corner of Snelling and Lydia in St. Paul. But the vision has stayed the same: Share Jesus, be a positive force in the community, and help make a difference. To the KTIS team and hundreds of thousands of listeners, Reverend Graham’s initial prayer has been answered a hundredfold.

The mission statement of 98.5 KTIS guides us: To lead people to Christ, and nurture them in their spiritual growth through Christ-centered media. Lofty, to be sure, but worth pursuing! Our strategy constantly evolves and changes, but that only serves to keep the station relevant, focused and purposeful. Everything is designed to accomplish one, or both, of two objectives: Make a real difference in the lives of KTIS listeners, and encourage them to make a difference in the lives of others.

For example, today’s unsuspecting commuters may be blessed in their daily drive-thru lines by a KTIS listener paying for their order…a random act of kindness advocated by our on-air “Drive-Thru Difference” campaign. Or, our PrayerWorks website allows you to share prayer concerns and receive a notification every time another KTIS listener prays for you. To date, over 4 million prayers have been prayed by listeners for listeners. Amazing!

Finally, our Hands and Feet program raises awareness for local faith-based organizations who are making a difference and allows our listeners to come together for a service opportunity organized by the highlighted ministry. This gives KTIS listeners the chance to serve and show God’s love to our community.

The programming at KTIS is encouraging and uplifting. But to only play music and offer advice on how we “should” live, without ever taking that faith out into the community, wouldn’t hold true to the 98.5 KTIS mission.?? We look forward to what God has in store for this ministry in the days and years to come.

Your station’s most successful promotion:

Our vision is for every member of our community to experience God’s love so, with that in mind, we launched the KTIS Hands & Feet app within the last year. The app gives KTIS listeners three ideas each day on how they can show God’s love to someone in our community.

Since it’s launch, over 12,000 listeners have downloaded the app and have shown God’s love, and told us about it, 114,598 times.Resources your station uses:

WCSG utilizes two consultants to assist with getting a market-wide perspective and additional networking and guidance. For on-air, programming and marketing counsel, WCSG partners with Brian Wright of Audience Development Group. For assistance in donor retention and acquisition, WCSG utilizes Sandi Steensma and the group at Kennari Consulting.

Resources your station uses:

Our Air Talent use various sources for show prep material but, other than that, we’re up here on our own. 🙂

One bit of wisdom to share with others:

Seek God for wisdom. He’ll give it to you if you ask! That’s his promise to us.

One thing that we’ve been working on at KTIS is how to define our success. You might think about how you are currently doing that, as we are, and make it more than ratings and revenue. What other metrics contribute to the overall success of your ministry?

Share an impactful listener story:

I am 36, married with 2 children. I had actually never heard of KTIS. I had stayed home with my kids for almost 3 years and then the financial strain got to be too much so I started to pray and pray and seek out Christ. I had not been including him in my life for almost 15 years. Something was missing big time!

I got a job doing MRI scans on patients at an imaging center. I was at first very grateful for the job but then it ended up being very, very stressful and required much of my time away from my family. The patients that I would do MRI scans on had the option to listen to a radio station during their scan and many of them chose KTIS! I also got to listen to the station they selected while they were in the scanner. GOD was talking to me. I was in much need of forgiveness from my past poor choices… and Big Daddy Weave’s song , Reedemed saved me!

All the songs and words on KTIS helped bring me healing and helped me stay close to God while I struggled through my job. God was talking to me and pulling me close!!! He knows how much I love music, so He knew how to draw me near. KTIS helped me thorough the struggles of my life then, and continues to do the same to this day. My kids enjoy the music as well! What else could a mother ask for! We can praise GOD, be uplifted and healed!!!

Thank you KTIS for changing my life and for being there for us!!!!!


How has your station been impacted through CMB Memberships?

We value being a member of Christian Music Broadcasters. It’s has made us all better at what we do!

KTIS makes it a priority to have representation at each CMB Summit, Gold Member event, and at Momentum. The camaraderie our staff feels spending time with like-minded professionals who speak in to their lives and encourage them, is priceless.

    2021 Membership Exclusives

    January – Your 2021 Radio Goals – Virtual Event
    February – SURPRISE BENEFIT 
    March – Radio Station Field Trip
    April – A Webinar for YOUR Board
    May – Virtual Mentoring Event
    June – SURPRISE BENEFIT at Momentum
    July – Salary Survey Webinar
    August – Fundraising Webinar
    September – Creative Images
    October – Techsurvey Webinar
    November – Radio Station Field Trip
    December – Virtual Christmas Party

    *subject to change


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