If It Ain’t Broke

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! But the reality in life is that we can’t be fixed until we are broken. My first experience with being broken was when I was 19 and nearly died from a staph infection. When you stand at deaths door like I did, you have no choice but to feel broken and helpless before GOD. I realized then just how weak and fragile life truly is and instantly had a greater appreciation for it. I have a long scar on my neck that constantly reminds me of that experience.

We live in a throw-away world. If something breaks, we tend to throw it in the garbage and go buy a new one. If a job isn’t going perfectly, we throw it away and go get a new one. If a marriage isn’t an example of beautiful splendor, we toss it away and go get a new spouse. We tend to not make the time to even try and put the pieces back together. Why? Because that requires hard work.

Life is full of brokenness! Broken relationships, broken expectations & broken promises. The only way to avoid bitterness or seek revenge is to keep our focus on the tender mercies of God.

What we may not know is that those broken experiences help make us become the person God wants us to be! Looking at the experiences that way, they become not a matter of throwing something away, but a matter of allowing God to take what is broken and put it back together. While the world throws broken things in the trash, God uses broken people to fulfill their purpose. In addition, those dark days of brokenness give us the unique opportunity to sympathize and support other people when they travel down that long and lonely road.

There’s an old sports cliché that says, “They bend but they don’t break.” All of us experience these moments in our lives, these times when we feel we are right on the edge. When one more disappointing circumstance will send us over the edge, when one more broken promise could send us into a free fall of despair.

Those tough times can be called the “pillars in life” where we are supposed to be broken. These defining moments often come from a health crisis, job loss or other type of huge event where we are totally helpless. Triumphs can only happen when first there is a tragedy. In those moments of hopelessness, we can either become bitter, or become broken.

At that moment, when we are faced with that choice, we have the opportunity to be molded into the person that God created us to be. That, or slide into the bottomless pit of despair and resentment. Choose the latter, and the bitterness and anger can overtake your life.

The only constant in life is change, and most often it’s not our choice. What we can choose is the attitude we adopt in dealing with the change. What will you choose today? Learn from it, grow from it and help others along the way.

Joel Burke
Program Director – KCBI

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