How to Improve Virtual Selling

It’s been over six months since the first social distancing orders were issued—months of working from home, Zoom meetings, and not wearing work clothes. Back in early April, most of us didn’t think that this new normal would last more than a few weeks.

Well, we were wrong.

Working remotely, Zoom meetings, casual every day, is here to stay for a while — and maybe forever. We must ensure that we’re not only enhancing our techniques for virtual selling but also becoming as personable on a Zoom call as we are face-to-face. If you’re not comfortable with virtual selling, you’re going to have serious problems moving forward and succeeding in this brave new world.

3 Ways to Improve Your Virtual Selling

How do you improve your virtual selling skills? First, you need to recognize that this is not going away anytime soon. You must embrace our new normal and look for ways to use technology to make you more efficient and effective in your job. Adjusting a Proven Sales Process

Here are three ways to improve your virtual selling:

1. Be Focused

It’s ironic, but working from home is sometimes more distracting than being in the office or in front of a prospect. When you’re meeting face-to-face, you would never leave your phone ringer on, be distracted by notifications, or Facebook alerts.

When you’re on a virtual sales call using Zoom, those dings, bells, and alerts are so tempting. You’ll take a quick look; the prospect won’t notice, right? WRONG! They will, and they do! Be sure to turn off your phone, your email, shut your door, and focus on your client or prospect.

2. Be Dynamic

If you were meeting in-person, you would be prepared, have an agenda, and a presentation, right? And yet, when salespeople meet virtually, they’re not doing this. This is still a sales call. You need to bring your A-Game. Be dynamic! Be curious! Be prepared!

Create a visual to share that includes, but is not limited to, an agenda, a brief overview, questions to discuss, and next step action items. By preparing a visual presentation, you’ll take some of the pressure off yourself since you’ll have a document to discuss.

3. Be Normal

You know what I mean. When on a shared screen call, there are some people who act completely differently than if they were meeting in person. Yes, it can be a little awkward at first, but the more you practice, the better you will be on your virtual sales call. If you are nervous, role play with your manager, another seller, or even your spouse. Act normal, be yourself, and the call can even go better than those old school face-to-face meetings.

In our brave new world of working remotely and virtual sales calls, it pays off to be prepared. Follow these three simple steps, and you’ll improve your virtual sales calls. 

Trey Morris
Senior Consultant, The Center for Sales Strategy 

Trey Morris is a Senior Consultant for The Center for Sales Strategy. He is known as a leader, a creative storyteller, and for delivering hefty sales results.

He has spent 25+ years in the world of broadcasting and advertising by holding every significant role in the sales funnel. He’s sold advertising, managed radio station sales teams, ran his own full-service advertising agency, been a Chief Marketing Officer, and started a successful restaurant chain.

Born and raised in Dallas, he spent the first 10 years managing radio stations in Dallas and Chicago. While in Chicago, he branched out and ran a full-service advertising agency that specialized in developers and home specialty retailers.

In 2008, he launched Q BBQ, a Michelin award-winning barbecue restaurant with 4 locations in the Chicago area. In 2013, he left the business world for the ministry world. He joined the ministry of Pastor James MacDonald’s Walk in the Word. As Executive Producer, Trey oversaw his radio ministry and created the NRB award-winning Walk in the Word Television program that aired on TBN, Daystar, and Hope Channel in Canada.

In 2015, Trey felt the calling of Texas and moved the family back to North Texas, where he was the Chief Marketing Officer for the Boenker Group of Companies, a family-owned insurance holding company, that had revenues of over $300 million per year. Trey has been married for 25 years to Rebecca, his Baylor sweetheart, and father to Haley and Jordan.

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