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>Lauree Austin

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Lauree Austin

Even though Lauree is originally from Boring, Oregon, she has lived and traveled to over 50 countries and is always excited to discover a new city, a new culture and a new expression of God’s amazing creation! She flew all the way to Iceland for just 12 hours. Her first radio job (‘job’ might be generous, it wasn’t paid) was when she was 19 years old at a YWAM school in Northern Ireland. Lauree loves adventures and has had some crazy ones in her life: tour manager for Tony Hawk and So You Think You Can Dance, missionary to the Czech Republic, skydiving-bungee jumping adrenaline junkie, leadership development consultant, being at gunpoint 12 times…online dating. Seventeen years after those four shows in Northern Ireland a friend told Lauree, “I think you could do radio.” A PD in Dallas took a chance to teach her how to do radio. Lauree is celebrating 5 years as a radio personality and loves doing middays at K-LOVE.