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New Bid to Ban TikTok

The concern everyone should have with TikTok is it’s a Beijing-run company with Chinese Communist Party influence (which they deny) being given the opportunity to influence Americans over what information China considers accurate and that places massive power in their hands.

While there are multiple reasons to be alarmed – here’s one:

The version of TikTok shipped to China has a built-in daily time limit for kids 12-years-old & younger and the only content people are allowed to consume is science and education. The version shipped here in the U.S. offers unlimited use and any type of content we want to see. 

It is often a very divisive app with a combination of people and bots leaving hurtful comments on everyone’s (including kids’) content. That alone should make every parent ban TikTok. The damage this app is doing to vulnerable people is awful.

This should not be a political issue – this is a national safety issue.

When former President Trump signed an executive order that blocked people from downloading the app in August 2020, it was done because intelligence was tipped off that the Chinese Communist Party was collecting Americans’ personal and proprietary information. The order was never enforced due to legal challenges; then Biden revoked the order.

Byte Dance denied that back in 2020. But they have never once come out with any transparency over what intel they are collecting from those of us who use the app.

We don’t know what we don’t know. But there is a reason government employees here in the U.S. are not allowed to download the app. They know something.

As a brand – it’s everyone’s individual call. But I see more upside in creating on and using apps like Facebook and Instagram that while flawed – are not risking our national security.