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How To Start Preparing For Web 3.0

The internet is evolving with more and more regulations and guidelines being put in place to protect people’s data and improve the user experience. The way we market to and connect with our audiences is changing too. So let’s take a look at some of the ways Web 3.0 is changing the landscape. We’ll explore how digital privacy and data security are changing digital marketing and what you can do to stay ahead of the curve at your station.

Web 3.0 & Data Control

As we move into the era of Web 3.0, data control becomes more important than ever. With the rise of big data, we need better ways to manage and control our personal data. The current data management system is centralized, which means we have little control over how our data is used and who has access to it.

Web 3.0 promises a more decentralized web, where we can have more control over our data. With decentralized applications (apps), we can choose how our data is used and who has access to it.

3 Ways To Prepare For Web 3.0

Here are three ways that Broadcasters can prepare for this new era:

1) Own your data- Collect and own first-party and zero-party data to create a relationship of trust with your customers. In this new era, you cannot rely on third parties to scrape the data for you. Owned digital assets offer a way to collect data from followers.

2) Prepare for decentralization- People want to take some power away from corporations and return it to users. Keep this in mind regarding your business model or strategy online. Leased digital properties (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc.) are less effective at scraping data for marketing purposes, and marketing costs are already rising.

3) Increase privacy and trust- In the Post-Cookie world, privacy and trust are becoming more important than ever. Start thinking about a strategy to build trust with your followers on digital and prepare for a future with less data.

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As we move into the era of Web 3.0, it’s essential to start preparing today for the changes that will come tomorrow. Own your data, be prepared for decentralization, and increase privacy and trust to stay ahead of the curve. Start with those three things and subscribe to our YouTube channel to get the latest digital buzz from Killer Bee Marketing.