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Crucial Changes in Email Marketing

As we step into 2024, Gmail and Yahoo are implementing crucial changes in their deliverability requirements (effective February 1), meaning they won’t deliver emails sent to mass audiences if these three things aren’t in place:

  1. Email Authentication: DMARC, SPF, and DKIM Verification
  2. Easy Unsubscribe: One-Click Unsubscribe with a Two-Day Honor Period
  3. Low User-Reported Spam: Under 0.3% Spam Rate Threshold

While all three of these aspects have been seen as “best practices” for healthy email deliverability for years now, this is the first time that email service providers are mandating them.

In light of the new compliance rules, check out our recent blog for more details on each of these requirements to help ensure your messages continue reaching their intended recipients.

We hope this insight leads to more impact in 2024 as you strategize, dream, and watch your vision come into effect.

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Madison DeLage