5 Ways to Be Authentic on Social Media

Authenticity feels scary. We have this belief that we should only post or share if we’re highly polished. That may have been true 10 years ago, in the early days of social media, when appearances were everything. But today’s consumers are savvier than they used to be. They can spot inauthenticity a mile away, and they’ll stop following you or your station in a second if you feel fake. 

So, how can you develop an authentic social media presence? You still need to be on-brand, of course. But it’s important to strike a balance between strategic content and unpolished openness. Anyone can learn to be more authentic. All it takes is practice and a commitment to trusting your audience. Here are five ways to help you connect with your audience by creating a more authentic social media presence.

#1 – Be Honest

You’re not perfect and neither is your station. While there’s no need to air your dirty laundry, it’s totally acceptable to talk about challenges you’ve faced in life. People love honesty. Talk about sacrifices you’ve made or let people in on a day in your life as a radio personality.

Most importantly, let your personality shine through. If you work in radio, then you already know how important tone and attitude are. You could be talking about dryer lint, but, with the right sparkle in your voice, people will pay attention. No matter which platform you’re publishing to, be honest and don’t take yourself too seriously. This is a great way to reduce the stress of creating unrealistic content, and being honest is also the perfect start to your new, authentic social media presence.

#2 – Skip the Filtered Photos

Obsessed with filters? We get it! After all, it’s super fun to clean up your blemishes and wrinkles and then show off a gorgeous, color-popped version of your photos. However, trends show that highly filtered photos don’t perform as well on social media. They might make you look (and feel) good, but filtered photos just don’t connect with audiences in the same way as unfiltered photos.

If you want to generate honest, meaningful conversations with your audience, then you need to start by bringing that honesty and openness to your photos. It’s okay to be your imperfect self! Nobody is without flaws, and that’s what makes us beautiful. If you want a truly authentic social media presence, challenge yourself to limit the filters. 

#3 – Don’t Copy the Competition!

Authenticity means one-of-a-kind. It’s perfectly fine to take inspiration from other radio stations and DJs, but don’t copy them outright. Nobody likes a copycat. Otherwise, your audience will have a hard time separating you from them! Try to put your own spin on the topics that other radio stations or personalities are covering. This makes you memorable, so you can stay connected to your listeners even when the radio is off.

Aim to create content that feels branded to you and your station. If you don’t have a style guide, now could be the right time to create one. Anything you publish should be immediately identifiable as belonging to your radio station. Use the words, tone, and color scheme that reflect your station’s brand. 

#4 – Avoid Overscripting for Video

We know it’s hard to hear, but you’re probably overscripting yourself. People want someone they can relate to, not someone who feels out of reach because they’re too polished. The more time you spend arranging words on a page, the less focus you’re putting on being authentic and in-the-moment.

If this scares you, try rehearsing at home in a private space. Write down some bullet points, do some deep breathing exercises, and then hit “record.” Try to project an easy confidence without focusing on perfection. Share it with a trusted friend. You’ll probably discover that they prefer your unscripted content to your highly polished script work.

#5 – Leave Business Out, Some of the Time

Finally, leave the business strategy out of your social media some of the time. Skip the call-to-action in a few posts. Instead of asking your audience to do something for you, offer them something with no strings attached.

A truly authentic social media presence is a two-way street. It’s about being social and getting to know your audience. If you’re always selling things or asking for money, people will stop following you. Do your best to balance business with fun, and value.

Social media marketing is a powerful way for radio people to stay connected to their audiences. If you need a KILLER support system, reach out to Killer Bee Marketing. We plan and execute digital strategies, and we’re excited to help you create a more authentic social media presence.

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