Weekly Show Prep – 9/17/18

This week here’s a list of discussion starters from CreativeCardio.com based on stories from the news.

Jill Tracey at WCIC says: If you could hire someone to do ONE THING for you in the mornings, what would it be and why? I’d love someone to put together my outfit. I have some great new pieces, but kinda struggle putting together a “look.” What would you pay to have done for you in the chaos of the morning?

When did your kid totally humble you? ‘Kids humble us’: Serena Williams encourages moms to share their stories of motherhood   https://www.yahoo.com/gma/kids-humble-us-serena-williams-encourages-moms-share-151110563–abc-news-celebrities.html

Rick Hall at Star 99.1 says, What was a time when you were scared over how God answered your prayer.

Chris Gabriel at SOS Radio shared, “Sometimes we forget that encouragement is only a phone call away. When has someone’s encouragement changed one of your decisions?

NBC had a story about Eskaton, a non profit that helps fight loneliness among senior citizens Eskaton personally reaches out to senior citizens via telephone calls. Their intent is to give seniors who otherwise would have no human interaction, a friendly, caring and encouraging conversation each day. Over the past 20 years, Eskaton has made 1.6 million phone calls. Full story here: http://www.nbc-2.com/story/38965679/eskaton-lifts-the-spirits-of-lonely-seniors-one-phone-call-at-a-time

Where were you where you you totally could have used a food truck stopping by?

If your family created it’s own food truck based solely on what you actually eat, what kind of truck would you have? For us it would be a CHEESE truck. (Grilled Cheese & Mac & Cheese)

A food truck operator stranded on LA freeway after car crash finds captive audience? https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/good-news/food-truck-operator-stranded-on-la-freeway-after-car-crash-finds-captive-audience/ar-BBMoEjj

There was a story in the news about an Orlando coaster stranding folks at the very top of a ride… at 90 degrees!

Where would be the most unluckiest place for a technical glitch?

Tell me about the time your parents tried to push you past your fear of a roller coaster? Did it help or give you trauma?

Looking back on your wardrobe and how much you spent on clothing as a middle school student, do you feel that your stylish clothing helped your fit in long term?

What is your big clothing regret?

I survived middle school! Think back to who you were hanging out with, what was in style and where you fit in. Tell me what got you through the joyfully awkward middle school years of insecurity!

Thinking back to your middle school or high school experience, do you feel that popularity defined in middle school and solidified for high school? Or was high school a reset for the popular kids in your town?

At your school, was popularity based on looks, style, interest, sports, dating relationships, neighborhood or something else?

IE: I feel like the social pecking order was mostly set in middle school for all the people I knew. Those people carried their popularity straight through high school. The popular kids didn’t change from middle school to high school.

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