Weekly Show Prep – 8/13/18

It’s hard to find stories that make you laugh, cry and smile! This week we’re sharing some positive stories about people who work hard and make a difference! As you read these stories, think about how you can use more verbs to make the actions cut through. Think about how you’re going to grab the listener with a great headline. Think about how you’ll land the plane with a heart warming moment. Think about how the people in these stories are actually characters you can showcase in different ways! That’s how you make a news story connect with the heart. -Scott Herrold & Jayar Reeves

Homeless man passes out resumes instead of asking for money. His sign on the side of the road in Mountainview, California said, “Homeless. Hungry 4 success. Take a resume!” It worked! David Casarez is reportedly sifting through hundreds of job offers!


Do you feel you pushed your kid too hard at something and they missed out on being a kid? William Maillis just completed his college degree at age 11! William isn’t even old enough to drive, but he received his Associate in Arts degree from St. Petersburg College in Florida. William graduated high school at age of 9. So what’s next? He plans to continue his education and will begin classes next month at the University of South Florida. He wants to be an astrophysicist. He says, “I want to prove to the world that God does exist through science.” His goal is to complete his doctorate by the time he’s 18! Here’s the full story!


Minutes after saying “I do,” this groom jumped into the ocean to save a drowning teen! Zac Edwards saw the teen stuck in a rip tide at Shell Beach, Alabama. Zac ripped off his shirt and swam out to save him. It’s a wedding everyone will remember!


A teenager who is getting ready to head off to college was desperate to hear from God, so she wrote Him a letter and He answered in an unusual way! Mykehia Curry (Pronunced Mah-Kia) was getting ready to head to Albany State University for her freshman year. She was struggling to get enough supplies to furnish her dorm, so she made a plea to God to provide for her emergency needs! She handwrote a letter, attached it to some balloons filled with Helium and trusted God for everything else. She let it go. A short time later, the balloons & letter landed at a construction site and Jerome Jones found it. Jerome is a part time pastor, so he figured out what Mykehia needed and delivered it to her just before she left for college! Here’s the full story:


Clayton Kershaw of the LA Dodgers takes his time seriously! He believes his schedule is a directly linked to his work ethic and consistency. His workout time, dinner schedule, scouting report breakdowna and stretching routines are set to his schedule.  He shares how we manage the “effort” after god gives the “talent.”

“I didn’t do anything to deserve this gift,” Clayton says. “God gave me an ability to throw a baseball. He chose me for a reason, and I want to honor Him with that… you can’t control the talents He gives you, no doubt about that. But you can control the effort you put forth with those talents.”


A Chicago schoolteacher named Kimberly Bermudez was on a flight to Florida and the guy sitting next to hear asked what she did for work. She mentioned she was a first grade teacher in a rough area where many students come from homeless families. Kimberly explained how it breaks her heart when children come to school hungry and she sees so many parents really struggling to provide the basics for their kids. A moment later, a man behind her handed her a stack of cash for her classroom. Then word spread and others started handing her money as she de-boarded the plane.


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