Weekly Show Prep – 7/9/18

It’s roadtrip season. Let’s be honest, not of us prefer to drive anywhere with kids for 14 hours, but we’d prefer to do that over spending $2000 on plane tickets! Here’s some discussion starters for your show this summer. Start with a story of your own, then invite listeners to share how it works in their own family. – Scott Herrold & Jayar Reeves

What are the road trip rules in your family? Are you the pre-scheduled stops sort of family or the emergency stops only family?

Tell me about the time your family ended up with a disaster on the side of the road?

Tell me about the road trip that ended up costing you SO MUCH MORE than you ever thought it would?

Strangest thing you’ve seen on vacation at some type of tourist trap?

(World’s biggest ball of twine, Mississippi’s largest living pig? World’s tallest thermometer? Texas snake farm? Is it something your family still laughs about?

Here’s one:


Souvenirs from an old roadtrip that you still have?

I can’t believe we saw_____ driving through a random small town on a roadtrip!

Best road trip selfie ever? Standing next to the worlds largest thermometer? Posing with an Indian at a taxidermy shop in podunk USA? (Describe the picture your family will always laugh about!)

Tell me your best, “we destroyed our car on a road trip story.”

On the first leg of the roadtrip, the kids were SO GOOD, but on the ride home they just acted so terrible I wanted to throw their tablets out the window! Has someone in your family actually thrown something out of the car in sheer anger?

Packing for vacation. My wife said “how big of a container of toys is too big?” I said a van full? Haha. 2 toddlers outside of their home for a week? Yeah we’re gonna need lots of toys.

Are there “essentials” your kids need to pass time on a road trip? (Benadryl/coloring books/duct tape?)

How do you strategically keep your kids busy in the car so you don’t hear, “Are we there yet???”

Am I the only parent who throws all the parenting rules out the window when we go on vacation? (Healthy food/TV limits/personal hygiene etc)

What helps you keep your sanity as a parent when you;re driving for the WHOLE day with a car full of kids?

Do you have a pre-planned strategy for a long trip or do you just drive as long as you can?

Snacks/drinks/toys/books/dvds/video games? Are there any you’ve learned the hard way that you need to intentionally stay away from?

Do mini vans really make a difference on a long roadtrip? I’m still in mini van denial!

What was your family’s biggest vacation fight ever? (IE: I thought my kids were going to divorce me after I suggested____!)

We share idea starters, call in discussion questions and personal angles on the latest stories in the news each week inside CreativeCardio.com – try it sometime!

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