Weekly Show Prep – 7/30/18

Ask better questions. Use more verbs. Listen for the stories that come out of your questions! Follow up.

I challenge you to prep 3-4 questions each day that you can ask the listeners that call into your show for song requests. Use one of these questions with each caller and bank them to use later in your show! When you start a discussion, you can follow up with one of your listener’s calls.

Here’s some discussion starters from the ninjas at CreativeCardio.com:

What dramatic thing happened to your phone and it survived? Here’s a story about a guy dropping an iphone from a plane after taking pictures. It Survived!


YouVersion Bible app is celebrating 10 years! Have you made the switch to scripture on the phone? Do you prefer a tangible Bible or do you consider the app version more connective for you? “ Do not be discouraged” is the most popular Bible Verse according to the You Version Bible app! What’s your most searched Bible verse? What’s the one you always seem to look up again and again?


Some UK music festivals will have ‘reverse vending machines’ so they can recycle your plastic! Here’s the story:


What was the most unusual thing you’ve ever purchased from a machine? (There’s a Cupcake ATM outside the Sprinkles Cupcake bakery on the Strip in Vegas!)

What is a silly fear you have that no one else has? I have a friend that has a legitimate fear that her kitchen cabinets will rip out of the wall when she is stacking dishes! Chapman University says America’s biggest fears are: Corrupt government officials, American healthcare, pollution of oceans/rivers/drinking water and not having enough money for the future. Do you have any fears that feel completely legitimate to you?


What word have you officially given up on when it comes to spelling? I always second guess trying to spell “field” or `probably.” Google trends say these are the most misspelled words in each state!


A storm was ruining this beach wedding. A total stranger saw the bride and made her an offer: Hold your wedding in my house today!


What did you think the weather ruined for you, that ended up being a blessing in disguise? Tell me about a time when your life was completely unorganized, but God worked it out for you!

68% of cars on the road currently have something wrong with them. What broke on your car that you just decided NOT to fix?


What if your first job was working for NASA? What if your job required you to travel 100% of the time? Would you give up your life for this mission? NASA Is preparing this girl to become the first human on Mars and she’s only 17!


What did you think you wanted to do as a career when you were 17?

What’s the most outrageous adventure you’ve ever said YES to?

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