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Summer reading is the easiest way to keep your kids plugged into something academic through the dog days of summer. I remember doing “Book It” for Pizza Hut coupons when I was in 5th grade. I remember my mom bought us neon colored bean bag chairs one summer to create a special reading area in the corner of our bedroom.


How many books can you name in 60 seconds?

What’s the last book you actually finished?

I have multiple book disease. I start one and then jump to another that looks interesting and don’t finish as many as I set out to!

What’s the hardest book you ever had to get through?

What’s on your summer reading top 3?

Remind your listeners about all the creative summer reading programs your local library is doing for your kids! (Libraries also have movies too!)

Think about characters. What cartoon or literary villain do you hold a soft spot for? #Jafar

It’s a small world. Casting Crowns Melodee Devevo and Mercyme’s Mike Scheuchzer were recently talking about growing up and realized their families lived just 5 miles apart! When Mike talked about growing up in Bartow, Florida Melodee posted: How did I not know this? My family came from Highland City. The two towns in central Florida are just over 5 miles apart.


What’s your small world story?

What famous person grew up in your hometown? (Get them to share the story!)

What do you miss most about the town you spend your summers in as a kid?

I’m noticing more of my neighbors installing those Ring cameras by their front door. I can’t tell if it would encourage me or freak me out to see what really happens in front of my home when I’m not there!

What would your dog do with a burglar? Full story here:


The video shows an unidentified man wearing tan cargo pants, a striped shirt and hat – entering through the rear door of the house and walking through the kitchen to the rooms inside. The home camera footage shows the family dog just following him around.

Ever caught someone snooping around your house?

Do video camera creep you out or make you feel secure?

Posting a picture next to your car is the #1 turn off for dating profiles according to an online dating service! Online dating site, Zoosk says “mentioning food in your dating profile actually boosted popularity by as much as 144 percent!’ Zoosk combed through 3.7 million dating profiles. Full story here:


What was the first quirk you noticed about your spouse?

Can you remember what you ate on your first date?

Campfires, swimming & hiking make for a great summer vacation. What rules have you had to set for your kids that you never thought you would have to actually say out loud? “Don’t roast marshmallows over an active lava flow!” #Volcano


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