Weekly Show Prep – 5/28/18

School’s out! This is a natural season change for every family. The morning schedule is different, traffic patterns shift, sports and church schedules adjust for summer. Think about where you’re listener’s headspace is now that she’s shifting into summer!

Creative Cardio.com is an idea sharing showprep resource, so we wanted to share a few fun summer ideas from a few of our members!

Rick Hall at Star 99.1 asked: How did you remember your loved one in your wedding day? Here’s an article about all the ways Prince Harry included Diana in his wedding day: http://www.scarymommy.com/prince-harry-diana-royal-wedding/

Benji Sheppherd at The Joy FM shared dry interview audio from For King & Country.  you could use for your show. Ask the questions in your voice and play these answers! 1. You are about to head to Europe this summer, what’s on your bucket list for Europe? 2. You’ve heard from fans that have changed their destiny professionally after attending a FKC show, how does that impact you? 3. You worked hard to try some different sounds as you wrote your new song “Joy,” share your heart behind it!


Scott Herrold from SOS Radio shared ideas to help your kids grow spiritually this summer: https://www.sosradio.net/blogs/scott-herrolds-blog/post/helping-your-kids-grow-spiritually-this-summer/

Scott Johnson at Spirit FM shared: Judge orders 30-year-old NY man to move out of parents’ home. So, when is too old to live at home with your parents? How did your parents communicate to you that it was time to move out?


Donna Cruz says: How long does it take you to get through a book of stamps these days? Too long. I lose them. Printing postage online is so much better! The post office is selling new scratch and sniff stamps that smell like summer popsicles! I’ve never been so excited to pay bills!


Jack & Erin at 95.1 Shine Fm said this after a police shooting in their city: Walking a mile in my dad’s shoes changed my perspective.  http://www.951shinefm.com/shine-daily/walking-a-mile-in-my-dads-shoes-changed-my-perspective

Jayar Reeves at The Joy FM shared a story of a 90 year old woman that just got her 4th college degree. If you could go back at your current age what would you study?

I said Spanish… and beauty school (so I could do my own hair!) Here’s some dry calls on the subject you can use to start a discussion!


Lorenda Rae from Promise 89.7 says: Holy crowns! It isn’t easy being a princess! Reading this article on who curtsies whom, reminds me of the skit about “who’s” on first and “what’s” on second. Ladies… would these things have been a deal breaker in marrying a guy? What did you give up when you married into a different family? What changed for you once you got married? A big move away from home? You had to become a fan of a certain team?


Todd Gale at Life 100.3 said: Who’s had to bring their baby some where you normally should not be bringing a baby? (I brought my 2 year old daughter to Jurassic Park. I had to see it again…no matter what)

Here’s a story about a male politician carrying his baby son into constituent meetings, zoning negotiations, neighborhood association gatherings & lobbying trips required of politicos is not, even in 2018, a familiar sight.


Mike Couchman at Boost 101.9 says: One thing about all these mosquitoes in Missouri, I’m getting a decent cardio workout just swatting them away. What actually works to keep the bugs away? (I’ve spent 40 years trying to figure it out!)


From Jill Tracey at WCIC: My job is _______ but my real passion is ________!
(My job is talking on the radio, but my real passion is encouraging others and being a mom!) Now you!

From Rick Hall at Star 99.1:

What is your go-to backup meal for when the main thing you planned was a total flop?

Here’s some grab & go healthy dinner ideas for summer! https://www.parentmap.com/article/grab-n-go-ideas-for-healthy-dinners-on-the-run

CreativeCardio.com is an idea sharing resource for showprep! Personalities from all over the country share ideas and angles on the latest topics in the news! Try it this summer at www.CreativeCardio.com!

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