Weekly Show Prep – 10/8/18

Here’s some October showprep ideas from the ninjas at CreativeCardio.com.

October is Pastor Appreciation Month. According to surveys, 75% of pastors report significant stress related to their role at church. They cite stress and resulting anguish, worry, anger, depression and fear. 1500 pastors leave their ministries each month due to burnout, conflict or moral failure.

Of pastors surveyed, 57 percent would leave if they had somewhere else to go or another vocation they could do. In addition, pastors also rank high in statistics on drug abuse, alcoholism and suicide, along with doctors and lawyers.

Here’s a lit of simple ideas for showing appreciation to your pastor: https://libertyfoundationllc.com/who-prays-for-the-pastor/

When you meet someone new, what’s a better question to get to know them than, what do you do for a living? How do you ask questions to get to know the person on a deeper level?

We get invited to a lot of parties in October, but I find I end up seeing a lot of the same people over an over, but have a hard time remembering their names! If you’ve met someone before, but forget their name, how do you secretly figure it out?

If every single thing in history was put on Youtube what would you watch first? (The battle of Gettysburg, Daniel in the Lion’s den, invention of the light bulb, the crucifixion of Jesus, day 39 of Noah’s flood?

Do you have a food habit that grosses people out? (Peanut butter & mayonnaise sandwiches are trending this week)

The midterm elections are coming. Will Smith is rumored to make a presidential bid someday. Whether that’s real or not brings up a fun topic. Reagan and Trump were celebrities first. Who could you see actually doing a decent job in the White House? (Dave Ramsey, Andy Stanley, Denzel Washington, Keifer Sutherland? Julia Louis Dryfus?)

My son wishes he could be an adult so he could play video games any time he wants. What’s your favorite part of being an adult?

What’s the oldest item in your closet you’ve saved for YEARS? What’s so vintage in your closet that you can’t throw it out? What’s so vintage that it’s actually in style again?

I overheard my son’s 10 year old friend saying she is selling ALL her candy to her dentist this year. Is this weird that a dentist office would buy back candy? Would the 10 year old you have been that self controlled to hawk your candy for cash? Is this a sign of a young entrepreneur? My kids use candy as currency______! Tell me your story! (My kids trade candy for days)

I love candy corn. My wife thinks Candy Corn taste like wax. What’s the big candy debate in your house? Almost Joy Vs Mounds? Snickers vs everything? Which candy is the upper echelon you would NEVER trade for? My kids trace candy like Pokemon cards. Nerds are worth a lot more then everything else.

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