Weekly Show Prep – 4/16/18

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The Huffington post put out an article of ‘insane things couples got in a fight over’… What about you? Would you call and admit what you and your significant other fought about? It was taco shells for my wife and I

Who listening has had a bestie the longest amount of time?

Quality or quantity of time? Do you consider the amount of quality time you spend with people as the value of your adult friendships? What is the best way to develop friendships as an adult? What do you think it’s harder to make friends today than when you were in high school? Here’s a dry call starter you can use to spark a discussion like this:   https://drive.google.com/open?id=15bzKv5seuEReJWeucZd3-ogr6st1qah9

Crazy to ask, but some of our kids are easier to connect with that others. As parents we look like we favor one child more than others? Do you work hard to make sure you spread the love/time/money?

Lots of talk each spring about the upcoming summer blockbusters. Think about movies you’ve watched with your family like Black Panther, The Greatest Showman or Coco. Excluding Jaws: What movie traumatized you as a kid?

What would you have called an “AMAZING” film… except they ruined it in the end?

Does your company have an out of date dress code? Explain. I worked for a company once that still had the word “Dockers” as an example in their official dress code.

Do you think the customers in your business care at all about what the employees are wearing?

Managers – have you ever had to institute a dress code because of ONE person? (Tell us about the awkward conversation you’ve had to have with a teammate about the way they present themselves at work!)

What persuasive arguments have your kids tried to use convince you they need an iphone?

VACATION phoners: First time on a plane… where did you go? What’s your rules about technology when you go on a family vacation?

What quick weekend getaway ended up costing you SO MUCH MORE than you ever planned!

I planned to drive the family to Laughlin, NV for a weekend on the river, but after _____ took place, this trip ended up costing us as much as a Hawaiian vacation! (Share the drama!)

Mother’s day phoners: If you could splurge for a killer gift for your momma… would you rather it be for her bday, christmas, or send it on mothers day? (Which date is most meaningful to you as the gift giver?)

Is there anything better than home made crafts?

Then there’s the “what to do” situations:

  • Do you congratulate 1st time expecting moms? Give them a gift?
    – Still child-less couples who have gone through a miscarriage?
    – How about step-moms? Who’s in charge of doing that?

-Buying for single moms working so hard to empower their kids?

I knew I turned into my mom when_______! I finally felt like a mom after_____!

Saw an article from the retail federation saying the average American will spend $165 on Mom this year. What would you do for your mom to say THANK YOU if money were no object?

Here’s new audio with Cory Asbury:
A) In a place like Bethel… With loads of talented singers/worship leaders is there ever any competition with each other? B) Talk about “Reckless love” C) You took an intern role at a church before you ended up at Bethel. Did it affect the way you direct/advise younger talented worship leaders that want advice from you? D)Talk about the song “Endless Hallelujah” E) What environment do you prefer when you sit down to write a worship song?



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