Weekly Show Prep – 2/5/18

We search long and hard for seasonal stories for every holiday inside CreativeCardio.com. Here’s a few you can share with Valentine’s week!

Mom honors her son Bob’s memory each February with Valentines for Veterans. Bob Bager wasn’t very fond of having a 2/14 birthday as a child. He often felt embarrassed that he shared a birthday on the holiday of love Bob lost his life in active duty military service back in 2005. His mom Patti honors his life every Valentine’s day by collecting valentines for veterans! She even started a charity around it!


Terry had his girlfriend carry around her engagement ring for a whole year before she realized it was there! He gave her a hand made wooden necklace to celebrate their one year anniversary. Anna wore the necklace for a whole year, not knowing there was a secret compartment inside! It held the ring Terry would use to propose to her! Here’s the story:


Here’s the real story of St Valentine.

Roman Emperor Claudias had ban on the marriage of young people. He had a belief that unmarried soldiers fought harder and more sacrificially than married soldiers. (He believed the influence of a family back home affected the soldier’s mental decisions) St Valentine was a priest who believed in family. He encouraged young couples to marry inside Christian church! He secretly married LOTS of couples in spite of the Emperor’s edict. St Valentine was eventually throwin in prison and tortured for performing so many marriage ceremonies. There’s some very interesting legends about St Valentine in prison too


Roseann Sdoia was watching the 2013 Boston Marathon when the bomb went off. The explosion severed the bottom of her left leg, but the firefighter who helped save her life never left her side. Mike Materia held her hand, through it all. He continued to visit her in recovery. After 4 years, he proposed to her! That’s even more creative than a Nicholas Sparks novel.


Chris donated part of his kidney to a stranger. Now they are married!! Chris Dempsey overheard one of his co-workers talk about an amazing cousin who needed a liver transplant for survival after a rough battle with cancer. Chris said, “I spent four years in the Marine Corps and learned never to run away from anything…so I just said to myself, ‘Hey, if I can help, I’m going to help.” The two became friends through the surgery and it developed into a marriage a year later!


An Austrian Romeo burnt his house down after making a giant heart out of candles!

Hannes Pisek, from Hoenigsberg used 220 candles to make a huge heart on the floor of his apartment. He lit all 220 candles and left to surprise his girlfriend at work! Unfortunately all the candle wax melted and his apartment caught fire before he was able to propose!


When you feel like you can’t find many good stories in your showprep, try CreativeCardio.com!


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