Weekly Show Prep – 2/26/18

I want you to think about complicated stories. I want you to think about discussions that blogs and introspective articles bring up. I want you to think about depth when you showprep this week.

Where is the discussion angle in a thought provoking article? How can you lead your listeners in a discussion this week that they will want to share with the people they work with?

Read through these stories and ask yourself, what actually is thought provoking to my listener? How would they tell this story to a friend?


We used to talk about absolute truth vs relative truth, but today many Americans embrace a post truth worldview. Post-truth describes a new point of view where reality is relative and even the facts are open to interpretation. (The idea that truth itself might not matter) Truth is increasingly regarded as something felt rather than something known. How do you teach your kids to discern what real truth is?

The Trends Shaping a Post-Truth Era

Americans have 60 bad days a year on average. Americans say LACK OF SLEEP makes them have a bad day. Researchers at Freeletics found work & lack of sleep are the biggest drivers for a bad day. What are you choosing to look forward to this week?

Too Much Stress: The Average American Has 60 Bad Days A Year, Study Finds

Here’s some great verses from the Bible to help you reset your bad day!

10 Verses for When You Are Having a Bad Day


We’ve talks a lot about safety, security and trust on our shows this week. Prayer moves mountains. Prayer protects and it cuts through he darkness like a double edge sword. Maybe we can rethink how we pray for our community?

10 Ways to Pray for Your Community


Are you a faith builder or a faith breaker? When you complain you may be a faith breaker. James Merritt says there are two kinds of people in this world: those who are born again, and those who are born against. Greg Laurie explains how complaining holds us back.

Are You a Faith Builder or a Faith Breaker?


Your job doesn’t define who you are. It’s what you do. Your identity is so much different. Scott Hamilton said: “I calculated once how many times I fell during my skating career — 41,600 times,” he said. “But here’s the funny thing: I got up 41,600 times. That’s the muscle you have to build in your psyche — the one that reminds you to just get up.” -Scott Hamilton

Scott Hamilton’s wife Tracie, told him through his fight with cancer that “Joy is not the lack of suffering or fear, it’s how you choose to handle the suffering and fear.”

Mind games. Competition. Focus. Lindsey Vonn clocked the fastest time in the original downhill training run. But she went out of her way not to let that happen again in the next day’s practice run. As she skiied toward the finish line, she broke her formation to slow herself down. She said: “I actually didn’t want to win the training run today… I like letting other people think that they are faster.”

Do you work in a competitive workplace? How do you keep your edge yet still support the team? What area of your life do you intentionally hold back in so you don;t show your hand to other people? What are you afraid to win at? Are you someone who can hold on and savor victory for a while or would you rather win quick and move on to the next thing?

How much does it cost to compete in the Olympics? Very few Olympians make enough endorsements to cover their costs. Think about the sacrifices sports parents make all the years before their child develops into an athelete with a scholarship. How do we instill a deeper identity into our kids who are incredible gifted. Do you motivate ability or work ethic? Do you encourage action or performance?

This is a story about a special Olympic moment for some men just to represent their countries & finish well. Many olympians finished a cross country ski run 36 minutes after the medals were awarded, but they celebrated their finish on the world’s stage. They represented their countries and owned the role model values that they wanted to encourage in young kids from their countries. What does finishing well look like in your career?

These are not your typical showprep stories. I intentionally chose complex stories so you can dig into a deeper thought. You can talk about values, accomplishment, and impact. Think about the concepts to challenge you to think differently.

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