Weekly Show Prep – 1/22/18

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, there’s a lot of angles you can take on love. Romance, kids, dating, serving the less fortunate, serving the forgotten! Ask listeners to make Valentines cards for people in senior living centers, children’s hospital or send them to the troops overseas! Another ideas is encouraging people to love on the staff at their church. You could call it, I LOVE MY CHURCH! You could also serve single moms during Valentine’s week.


Here’s a few discussion starters for Valentine’s Day. If you don’t have a lot of callers, grab a co-worker and have a discussion between the two of you.


Valentine’s Day mistake i’ll never make again______!


Tell me about the first time a boy gave your daughter a Valentine’s gift and how it affected you as a parent!


A recent survey revealed that men are far more likely to believe in love at first sight than women. Also men will spend more than twice as much as the girls on Valentine’s Day. What’s the most outrageous date you’ve ever been on?


Ladies, I need your help! When a woman tells a guy, “I don’t care where we go out to eat for our Valentine’s date….” what does she REALLY mean?


The survey of 1,000 Americans in relationships asked couples to rate themselves on Valentine’s Day effort. Men gave themselves an average of 7 compared to the women’s 6. In addition, the survey claimed that men consider themselves “more romantic” than women.

If you haven’t been dating long, how do you show your date that you are thinking about them, without smothering or sending the LOVE message yet?


Any singles listening have a routine on Valentine’s Day they are proud of? I have a friend who hosts a “Single Awareness Day” dinner with her single friends. It’s grown over the years and friends invite their single co-workers and it’s turned into a pretty fun annual event.


What’s a strange or unconventional way that you’ve met someone, started dating, and it actually worked out? (IE: Facebook/Myspace, blind date, co-worker, flirting at your kid’s elementary school, dropping a candygram to someone?) Did online dating work for you?


Here’s a couple DRY calls you can use to start a discussion on your show “I learned the hard way on Valentine’s Day”



Brag on your Valentine… what did they do for you that they deserve props for on the air? Have you ever had a Valentine’s Day where someone showed you they were WAY more into you than you were into them?


At your house, is Valentine’s Day celebrated more for your spouse or your kids? How do you plan to celebrate Valentine’s day with your kids? (Tons of ideas on Pinterest)


Is it me or as Pinterest elevated Valentine’s Day at my kid’s school to an unmanageable level??


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