CMB 2018 Scholarship Application

CMB has been blessed by stations that want to “give back” to our industry so we have set up a scholarship fund. This fund allows us the opportunity to provide a variety of scholarships from just the registration cost to a full ride for our events throughout the year for those facing financial need, but wishing to attend. While we wish we could serve every need, our resources are limited but we do want to try and meet those we can. We have a 2018 CMB Scholarship submission form you can fill out and apply for help! We encourage you to do so or let someone know that really would like to attend an event, but you know is unable to afford the expense.

If your station would like to donate to our CMB scholarship fund you can contact for details on how to do so.

Thank you!!

*Scholarship submissions will be reviewed by the CMB board and applicants will be notified of the board’s decision within 30 days.

Apply here: