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CMB Member Radio Easter Basket

Easter Egg Stickers

Help spread the Good News about Easter along with your station! Use the template provided, add your logo in the space to the right, and then upload it to your website or social pages. Ask your listeners to use these stickers on their eggs for Easter egg hunts! It’s a great way to share about Jesus while letting them know where they can hear music that is all about Him.

Easter Playlist

As you prepare to serve and encourage your listeners during the Easter season, CMB invites you to utilize this list of song suggestions to highlight the message of the Good News to those searching for hope. May this list serve as a starting point for you as you program your station this Easter. Thank you to Mediabase for providing data on songs played around this season in recent years.

Easter Family Guide

Family traditions of church, egg hunts, and ham dinners are a great way to make memories together and appreciate the day of Easter. But sometimes in the bustle of school, work, and other commitments, Easter kind of “sneaks up” on us, doesn’t it? Medi-Share has provided this four-week family guide that you can pull ideas for on-air breaks, share Scripture and content on your digital platforms, and other ways to engage your audience this season.