Why Facebook Live & Social Media Matter During Crisis

Why Facebook Live Matters (so much right now) 

Most of us are built for human interaction, and social distancing is removing a large part of that need from our daily lives.

So this is where we take action and reinforce our brand’s “Community & Connection.”

Create a Daily Facebook Live “Social Distancing Check-In” or “Social Break” today.

Key Points To FB Live:

  • Set specific time each day.
  • Make it brief (15 min.?) and memorable
  • Acknowledge everyone by name – it may be the only time they hear someone say their name all day.
  • Have a relatable question & allow people to talk (comment) about themselves; really hear what they have to say.
  • In the end: remind everyone to set alarm/calendar to meet back with you at same time tomorrow.
  • Reach The Unreachable by adding this: “If you know someone who is having a tough time with social isolation – especially those who live alone, tell them to join us, too, at (specific time) on Facebook Live for a ‘social break.’
  • Pinball folks back to the mothership to listen at a certain time.



Shellie Hart “Pinballing folks back to the mothership (to listen)– by asking everyone to ‘vote’ for the 45 from the 80’s to play.”

Your WARM 106.9 “Social Break”Today … pickin’ songs from my vinyl collection!

Posted by Warm106.9 on Thursday, March 19, 2020

Shellie Hart “Help make a list of who we need to thank every day.”

It’s time for your WARM 106.9 Workday “Social Break”Help me create a list of people in our community that we can celebrate on air.

Posted by Warm106.9 on Wednesday, March 18, 2020


Social Distancing Check In

107.5 Frank FM Social Distancing check-In with Stan.

Posted by FRANK FM on Thursday, March 19, 2020

This is not about volume of viewers – it’s about leading with empathy in everything we do.

If only 7 people view & interact – that’s 7 people who needed it. I hope to see you do this.

People always remember those who kept them company during uncertain times.

Social Media Content During Crisis

Our Role:

  • Calm Anxiety; Being Useful; Reminding Folks They’re Not Alone
  • Reestablish our purpose in their lives as they manage their day-to-day disruption
  • Ensure less listening is not part of their new normal during social distancing

Our Content:

Be Real: If you’re feeling anxious, out-of-sorts – others are, too. Ask for simple tips on keeping our spirits up during isolation.


Keep People Focused on Good


Who is helping you the most, and how, during social distancing?

What are you thankful for? You Got This!


Social Distancing Roll Call: “How are you doing today?” Share a photo of what you’re doing right now.


“Isolation Live Check-Ins”

Self-isolation is tough – especially for those who live alone. Young & Old

Meet up at a set time each day/night on Facebook Live – talk about what everyone did today – keep it short and meaningful. And when you acknowledge them as they join the FB Live – it may be the only time someone hears someone else say their name in a day.

Keep it brief, and at the end, remind them you’ll meet back up the same time tomorrow *and also* set another time for them to listen to station for a promotion, contest, etc…


Show Your Home Office: This was inspired by a colleague who had to set up work from his garage with a space heater. You may get some fun (or clever) photos!


Keeping Kids Occupied: While most are already doing this – keep it going. Having kids home 24/7 during isolation is going to require even more creativity.


Crowdsourcing: Keep asking for their help on what’s postponed/cancelled/closed.


Music is a Great Escape: What is their go to song for Hope? Escape? Motivation?

Create social distancing playlists, and if it aligns with your programming, set a time & play the list on-air! Reinforce you’re live, local; nimble and in the community.


Binging: Create a Facebook binge watching Group. During a set time – spend a few minutes each day, talking about what’s good. Find ways to pull them back to listening.


Ask for Photos: What looks different? Empty streets, light traffic, no traffic, food no one seems to be hoarding among empty shelves, how many days in jammies? etc…


Be The Helpers: Remember the folks who can’t socially isolate: how can we assist them? (Food store workers, health care, firefighters, police, etc…)


Getting into the Community: Are there food banks to help? How can we organize a way to help feed children who rely on school lunches while schools are closed?

What care facilities could we organize and drop off (outside) necessities they may need?


People aren’t going out:


Offer live music via social – Ask local bands with big followings to go live on your assets (change password/remove as admin after free live show).


Ask everyone “What’s the first thing you will do when social isolation is lifted?”


What are people discovering through isolation? New hobbies? Outside activities?


People love talking more than ever right now about food and pets.


Encourage Creating and Keeping a Daily Routine: Craft posts around being outside, in the backyard, going for a walk, a hike – not around people.

This isolation could take a toll so keep creating positive, helpful, useful content.


Empathy Is Key


Remind folks they’re still part of a community where people have their back; Reach out.


The audiences’ day-to-day has been altered.


Now more than ever, our content must elevate the essence of why we matter:


We are about Community (cities, audience, music, artists, lifestyle, etc…) & Connection (helping the audience achieve something, connecting the audience with each other; helping one another out, lifting each other up).


Lori Lewis
Lori Lewis Media

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