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Look for stories where you can share the heart of the helpers! Our world has been crazy this week, and it doesn’t look like that will change tomorrow. God has given you a circle of influence to share hope and encouragement this week in your show. You don’t have to mention Corona at all, just share stories that point your listeners to God’s goodness and the generous heart of people. Look into God’s word for encouragement. Actually listen to the words in the songs you are playing! Champion a heart of service. Champion a heart of gratefulness. Champion generosity. Be a hope dealer! If you need showprep, just walk through your grocery store and talk to people. Look for those who appear stressed. Ask how you can help them. Ask what has stressed them out most this week. It might be hustling for childcare, fear of being laid off, no toilet paper in stock, babysitters cancelling, financial tension related to the stock market, the election, no lunches at school since it’s cancelled, the losses in your 401k if you are elderly, fear of infecting someone if you feel under the weather, or it might be worry over their elderly parents who live alone.

My friend was as in Albertson’s over the weekend. As she walked down the toilet paper aisle, she saw an elderly woman crying. She asked what was wrong, and the woman explained, she just got paid and took the bus over to buy milk, meat and toilet paper, and the store was out of all three. She didn’t have enough money to grocery shop earlier in the week when she heard stores were getting crazy.

11 year old Jayden Perez has collected a LOT of hand sanitizer with the hope to use it to help fight cold & flu season. He will donate over 1,000 hand sanitizer sprays to the Woodland Park school district, fire department, police department and library amid concerns over coronavirus. Full story here.

Courtney Igne of Mansfield, MA expects to have some extra free time in the coming weeks ans her company told her she could work from home. She’s a busy mom, but she’s using her flexibility to offer help to her elderly neighbors. She created a neighborhood Facebook group. “I couldn’t imagine being in that situation where I was scared to go out and get my medicine or groceries. I’d really appreciate if someone did that for me if I were in that situation. It’s nice to be able to do that for someone else if we can.” Full story here.

Kindness can be shared in so many simple ways. Look for people in your circle with needs! At work, on your kid’s sports teams, inside the grocery store, elderly neighbors, co workers with a lot of kids who might have childcare needs. Here’s some ideas.

Here’s some stories about helpers. Brooke Felts heard her alma mater Denison University had to send students home. She helped spread a doc of alumni offering to help displaced students without a place to go! Love this! Full link here. Uhaul is also offering free storage for a month for displaced students too. Here’s the story.

Good news- Frozen 2 showed up on Disney + this week. My kids watched the first one a million times, so here’s to round two, now that school is cancelled this week.

30 things to do when your kids say, I’m BORED!!!! First, know that being bored can be good for kids. Experts agree that children today are over-scheduled and over-stimulated and say that you should look at their kids’ boredom as a positive thing, rather than a negative one. Heidi McBain, a family and play therapist, says boredom is essential for kids because it leads to increased creativity and helps your child to grow in important ways. “When a child is bored, they are learning that they need to create their own fun and entertainment, they need to explore their world. They need to learn new things on their own.” Full story here.


Deadly viruses are no match for plain, old soap. Here’s an article about the science science behind it. Soap still works better than alcohol & disinfectants on viruses. 

Italians on lockdown have been singing songs from their balconies! Heartwarming story here


What have you cleaned lately that you should have cleaned long ago? But the Virus sped it up?! Target is cleaning stores EVERY 30 minutes now. Full story here.

From Mike Couchman: Checking out of a hotel room this morning, the front desk lady said she’s spent all her extra time this morning removing the extra toilet paper rolls from the rooms. People aren’t stealing the towels anymore!

Since loads got canceled over the weekend because of Coronavirus. Call or text: Let us know what you did with your down time that you are most proud of! How has this forced downtime grabbed hold of your attention? (What’s your reality here?)

How are your kids seeing the closures, cancellations and roadblocks that this week’s news cycle has stirred up?

How have your kids rebelled against the fear that the news cycle has put in front of them this week?

What makes you almost as nervous as actually GETTING the virus?  Having bored kids tearing up the house for a month? Seeing your parents getting sick? Your work realizing it doesn’t actually need you in the office anymore? Seeing your church turn people away? Not having enough toilet paper?

What moment did you think… “Hmmm, maybe I should start paying attention to this virus?”  Tom Hanks getting it? Soccer season canceled? Babysitters not wanting to come over when you ask them to help when school is cancelled? Costco out of bottled water? SPAM is on sale at the grocery store?

We have a ton if idea starters in our full site that will give you fresh angles to address fear and stress here in our full site.
Find comfort in these words from Rabbi Yosef Kanefsky: “Every hand that we don’t shake must become a phone call that we place. Every embrace that we avoid must become a verbal expression of warmth and concern. Every inch and every foot that we physically place between ourselves and another, must become a thought as to how we might be of help to that other, should the need arise.” 


From Danny Gokey: “As a dad of 4 kids, the health of my family is really important to me.  In light of all of the public health concerns that we are facing, I wanted to find a way to make sure my kids were being vigilant without instilling fear in them.  So, me & a couple of friends got together to write a light hearted jingle that kids could sing & dance to, but more importantly remember as a way to practice good disease prevention!  Whether it’s the flu, a common cold or COVID-19, music is always a great way to learn a good principle.  SO, share it with your kids and challenge them to learn the dance moves – it’ll stick with them!”


Lots of kids have been making videos on TikTok & Instagram as the Wash You Hands Challenge!  Here’s the video for the Wash Yo Hands song.

From Robert Forbes at SOS Radio:”Fear, panic and hysteria, has rolled over our communities like a tsunami. We are watching it wash away our resources and way of life. Though I understand the logic of social distancing, nothing great has ever been accomplished by people isolating themselves from each other. I’m beginning to think that churches may be the last stand for trust and community. Churches will soon need to make a stand and say, “We are not afraid. We will worship and trust in God. Come one, come all.” And that will be the catalyst for positive change. I say this because, what if it’s not just 30 days? Does this all end when “flu season” ends? How long will we allow this way of life? God is our rock & our refuge. The Church is the hope of the world. Let’s look for opportunities to serve hurting people who are filled with fear this week. Just love them tangibly.”

Psalms 91:1 is a great reset when you wake up stressed. ‘He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High Shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty. I will say of the Lord, “He is my refuge and my fortress; My God, in Him I will trust.” Thanks for the reminder.

You keep hearing the word cancelled, but here’s a reminder during this difficult season: “Conversations will not be cancelled. Relationships will not be cancelled. Love will not be cancelled. Songs will not be cancelled. Reading will not be cancelled. Self-care will not be cancelled. Hope will not be cancelled. May we lean into the good stuff that remains.” – Jamie Tworkowski, founder of To Write Love On Her Arms


CS Lewis on Coronavirus? Not exactly, but he spoke about panic, fear and sickness quite often! The same cycles keep rolling over us, but we don’t have to fear all the WHAT IF’s. Full article here.


The Staples Center donated 7000+ lbs of food that would have been wasted due to the recent suspension of events at the arena. Donations were made to both The Midnight Mission and Los Angeles Mission Men’s Center both located in downtown Los Angeles. Full story here.
‘’The problem we have in society at the moment is that everybody’s afraid to make a mistake. If you need to be right before you move you will never win. Perfection is the enemy of good.” – Michael Ryan, Director of World Health Organization’s Emergency Program

Paul reminds us again and again through the Bible: ‘Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done.’ – Philippians 4:6 Put your eyes on God if you want to have a different perspective from fear.

Watch the people in the long lines at Costco in Dothan, Alabama break into worship together here! Honest discussion: What are you doing to find peace amidst the chaos?

From Ceci Labarge at Joy 99.3: ‘We are having a family meeting this morning. We are processing sad feelings about things that are not happening for the next month, potentially for a lot longer. And we are texting neighbors with offers to help babysit and brainstorming who we know that this might impact more than us. We are making a list of the things we can cook and bake at home and what new shows we can discover on Netflix. We are talking and praying about how we can meet as a church in our home and how we can study Gods word and seek the Lord together. We are excited to see the very best in humanity because as Erwin McManus just said, in times of crisis the church rises up. Friends, join us in rising up.’

Here’s a page full of angles and ideas in talking about Coronavirus/COVID 19 here in our full site.

St Patrick’s Day is TUESDAY this week!  

Text in, Call in, Is the virus impacting your St. Patrick’s Day?

What are your top 3 favorite green things? (Your front lawn, emeralds & lettuce?)

Who was St Patrick really? Answers in Genesis says, “St. Patrick was born Maewyn Succat in the Roman colony of Britain around AD 387 to middle-class Christian parents. At the age of 16, Maewyn was kidnapped by pirates and carried off to Ireland where he was sold into slavery. In Ireland he learned a new language and the culture of the Druids. During the long, cold, and lonely days and nights caring for his master’s sheep in the Irish countryside, Maewyn began to pray. God changed his heart about the people of Ireland. Full story here.

What can we learn from someone like St Patrick? (They guy was taken into slvery by the Irish, but years after he escaped, he went back to show them the love of Jesus!)

The shamrock is a neat way to explain the Trinity. What are your biggest questions about God being three in one? Let’s have a discussion about it!

What is your St.Patrick’s dish that the world needs to know about?

Greatest St.Pats thing you’ve ever seen on pinterest?

Greatest st pats day memory ever?

Legend says St Patrick died on March 17, 492-ish hence the reason we celebrate his legacy on the 17th. Even though he died in the 5th century, Saint Patrick’s Day didn’t become a religious celebration until the 17th century. Irish immigrants brought the tradition to the American colonies in the 18th century and the first St. Patrick’s Day parade was held in Boston in 1737. Tell me why you’re proud to be Irish!

Regardless of how much Irish you can legitimately claim on this Saint Patrick’s Day, celebrate a true Christian ambassador who didn’t give up on his mission and fought the good fight of the faith! Tell me why you wish you were Irish

So when a holiday is known more for things that it’s great food, what do you make? I’m Irish so I can honestly say Irish food stinks, but I enjoy coloring things green.

St Patty’s Day. I am full blooded Irish. My blood is green! Is there a holiday that you clearly love more than others?

Regardless of whether you have even a smidgen of Irish in your blood or not, we all just kinda pretend we’re full blooded Irish for this date on the calendar, right? I mean, today marks the day when we all suit up in green and eat corned beef and cabbage for dinner and do the whole Irish thing in honor of Saint Patrick, but have you ever wondered where all these legends and stories came from? Patrick’s real name was actually Maewyn Succat, but for the sake of pronunciation, I’m just gonna call him Patrick. He was born around 385 A.D. in the modern-day town of town of Dumbarton, Scotland which is near Glasgow. Not much is known about him up until he was 16 years old. It was at this point in his life that he was captured and taken prisoner by Irish pirates. It was in Ireland that he spent the next six years working as a slave. Years after his escape, he wanted to return to Ireland to tell the Irish about Jesus since he had never met a real Jesus follower when he was there in slavery! When has God given you a new perspective on people who weren’t nice to you in your youth? How did he change your heart toward them?


Dry audio.

We have a TON inside our site here. Enjoy some fresh audio from listeners you can use to build a discussion here.

A side effect of the Corona virus: Things that never get cleaned are getting cleaned. NY subway, your second story windows, your pillow? What else needs sanitizing?

“Are you doing anything extra to keep yourself free of germs and viruses?” DRY CALLS

Where is the craziest place you ever got ‘stuck’… like actually stuck! Got these dry calls you can use:

Phoner: If there was no such thing as FEAR what would be the first thing you would do?

EXCLUSIVE Release week audio of Jeremy Camp:

  1. Where does one spend release day of a movie about your life?
    2. With a world wide virus showing up the weekend your film finally comes out… how does one spiritual process the potential silver lining in all of this?
    3. How have the kids responded to watching such a horrible event happen to their dad played out on the big screen? CLICK HERE

Everything feels like it’s on hold right now with all the cancellations in life. Author Vivian Mabuni talks about what it means to truely live life with open hands. Audio here.

With so much uncertainty in the air, maybe you have trouble discerning when the Holy Spirit is speaking. Banning Liebsher (leeb-shure) from Jesus Culture talks about how we discern our emotions from when the Holy Spirit is really speaking. Audio here.
Online Church.

“The church is people, not a building. right?” Online church was a big hit this weekend as lots of churches cancelled in person gatherings. We did brinch with another family from our small group and streamed church on the big screen TV.

The Coronavirus may have been a new growth point for online church. ‘For those disappointed about canceled church: Remember that when the Church began with Pentecost, there were no buildings, fancy productions, pews, or spotlights. It was just people, the Holy Spirit, and the glorious Gospel. The building may be closed but Church is still alive!’

– Eugene Cho

Did your online church experience workout the same as your normal before church drama? (Where your kids fighting made you 10 min late and your spouse tried to sneak out during the closing prayer?)

There were some funny tweets from pastors with all the online church gatherings this week. “We did online church and still got complaints that the drums were too loud.” – Juan DeVevo of Casting Crowns (also on staff at Eagles Landing Baptist in Atlanta)

“Pastor, take heart. The people who criticize a canceled service as “faithless leadership” will miss the 2 Sundays on BOTH sides of Spring Break so they can work on their tan. Consider the source and move on.’ – Pastor Mike Stone of Emmanuel Baptist in Georgia

“One of the members of our Church Answers’ community is conducting an ongoing poll of pastors to ask if they are having in-person services. The results for March 15 were 49% yes and 51% no. I anticipate the poll for March 22 will shift more decidedly to “no.” -Thom Rainer, CEO of Church Answers

Introverts unite! Every introvert in America is hoping their church will finally drop the handshake part of the service for good. #ColdAndFluSeason #Sniffles #AddPurellToTheChurchBudget

Don’t forget to post some angles of your own inside our site or in our members only facebook group! We LOVE it when you share!
Jayar Reeves & Scott Herrold

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The team at 94.9 KLTY has served the Dallas/Fort Worth community for over 35 years. In 2020, the need was never greater. Through their local campaigns, Christmas Wish and Speak Love, they were able to assist many families who were impacted by not only the pandemic, but by hard times in general. The Speak Lovecampaign helped first responders, teachers, servers, food service staff, and many more within the community throughout the year. In 2020 94.9 KLTY’s Christmas Wish campaign brought Christmas joy to hundreds of families in the DFW area. They provided vehicles, food, toys, and other forms of relief to families in their community. They could not have reached any of these needs if not for their listeners and their generous donations to 94.9 KLTY’s nonprofit programs. In total, Speak Love and Christmas Wish raised more than $160,000 for those in need in Dallas/Fort Worth. They also recognized those sacrificial front-line workers and first responders who keep our community safe. Each week, 94.9 KLTY honored them, raised funds throughout the summer, and then presented each first responder with a check as a token of their gratitude. With countless families in need because of the pandemic, 94.9 KLTY also helped the Tarrant Area Food Bank distribute food essentials on multiple occasions in September, October, November. It is 94.9 KLTY’s sincere honor to serve our listeners in Dallas/Fort Worth.


LIFE 96.5 seeks to empower and serve the Sioux Falls area by reaching out in faith to help make it a better place to live and work. They want to lead their listeners to Jesus and help them grow in their faith through opportunities to love and serve others. In January 2020, LIFE 96.5 listeners donated over 950 brand new baby items during the Sioux Empire’s Largest Baby Shower. The Baby Shower grows every year, demonstrating their community’s love and support of the couples who are choosing life for their unborn children. LIFE 96.5 listeners, in partnership with Dacotah Bank, provided gift cards and cash donations to the Sioux Falls School District social workers to meet the needs of 1,000 homeless students. LIFE 96.5 also invited listeners to participate in a city-wide prayer parade, where they prayed for health care and government officials while driving past hospitals, schools, and city government offices. During the months of September and October 2020, LIFE 96.5 listeners provided over 250 twin sheet sets and 100 mattresses to the Sioux Falls Sleep in Heavenly Peace organization for children who are sleeping on floors. Through LIFE 96.5, listeners also made a difference in the lives of patients spending Christmas at Avera Behavioral Health Hospital. Each patient received a Christmas stocking filled with gifts and a note of encouragement. In addition, each Saturday morning LIFE 96.5 staff host Life Connection, a program featuring community leaders and discussing the needs and concerns of the Sioux Falls Community.


89.5 KVNE exists to glorify God by encouraging people, connecting their community, and pointing people to Jesus Christ. When their community was turned upside down by COVID, they knew they had to jump into action and mobilize their listeners to make a difference for Christ. To best serve their local community, KVNE held multiple drives to support local ministry partners and those most impacted by the pandemic. They collected 1,500 gift cards (totaling more than $15,000) to benefit those in need because of shutdowns, gathered over 12,000 diapers for foster families, and collected 150 care packages for senior citizens. They also collected 1,032 fans for the Salvation Army and over 1,000 pairs of shoes for kids heading back to school. Additionally, listeners donated 1,512 care packages for the homeless in East Texas, and KVNE hosted two blood drives to help those fighting the coronavirus. People across East Texas needed connection during the pandemic, so they organized a social media outreach, called Praise Defeats, a coordinated time where listeners shot videos of themselves singing “Raise A Hallelujah.” The videos were shared thousands of times, as they deepened their community’s connection. In addition, KVNE launched a Hispanic Christian music station (Fuzión), started a worship station (Lift Worship), and began a Bible Teaching Station (The Well) – all to help people grow in their faith. God allowed them to impact His Kingdom in profound ways and serve their local community powerfully during an unprecedented time when people needed hope like never before.


Since 1986, The JOY FM has made community service a hallmark of its ministry to listeners – first in Sarasota, and then expanding to Tampa, other Florida markets, and most recently to Atlanta and Middle Georgia. Even with this growth, community outreach remains hands-on, with legacy events like T-Shirts for Turkeys, which helped feed more than 28,700 families in all markets served last year. 2020 created new challenges for serving, so The JOY FM innovated several service projects to accommodate contactless delivery and social distancing. JOY Drop and Restock, a brand-new outreach, collected 30 tons of food to restock local food banks hit hard by the pandemic. Partnering with Natalie Grant and Hope for Justice, Team Freedom approached a grand total of $1,000,000 in 2020 to fight human trafficking. As listeners faced political rhetoric and serious questions about race and justice, as well as practical challenges like hybrid classrooms, The JOY FM programming (on terrestrial signals, as well as its LF Radio and JOY Worship platforms) responded with a recommitment to our mission of “Helping You Find JOY.” Resources for listeners, such as the Off Air with Carmen podcast, was provided to help listeners wrestle with big questions like Christian citizenship. Possibly The JOY FM’s most relevant community service effort for 2020 was prayer. The JOY FM’s Prayer and Crisis Referral service interacted with 620,936 listeners in need of prayer or help. Of those calls and texts, 4,949 listeners reported praying to place their faith in Jesus Christ.


“Hope Starts Here” is more than The Light FM’s tagline. It’s their mission. In 2020, they were intentional in regularly offering community-needed resources and hope-filled encouragement. They hosted their 5th annual Make a Difference training to encourage listeners to share God’s hope and saw 14 people begin a personal relationship with Jesus. The Light FM also visited eight local Law Enforcement agencies to share words of encouragement and care baskets. They partnered with East Tennessee Children’s Hospital and artists of Winter Jam for a private concert and time of prayer with families battling pediatric cancer. The Light FM listeners from five different cities donated 258 wheelchairs, 262 crutches, 259 walkers, 71 transport chairs, and 66 canes to Wheels for the World, which brings mobility and the hope of Christ around the world. During stay-at-home orders, The Light FM began offering free monthly virtual events, including: a graduation ceremony, featuring artists and Bible teachers; a conference with Crown Financial on how to manage finances during the pandemic; Girl Talk LIVE, a women’s event with worship and Bible study; God’s Hope in Crisis training with chaplains of the Billy Graham Rapid Response Team; a pastor appreciation event for local churches, featuring Chip Ingram and Matthew West; and a Family Christmas Night with live music, games, and a devotion from The Light FM staff. Even throughout the pandemic, The Light FM also found ways to be out in the public, safely, with six drive-in events featuring movies and live music.


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Paul Cameron began his career in radio prior to graduating from the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh in 1980, starting his first job in 1979 as part-time on-air talent at WMKC 96.7FM (an adult contemporary station). In 1980 Paul moved to part-time on-air talent for WHBY-AM 1230 (a news/talk station), and while still working there, began working part-time for WEMI 100.1FM. In 1981, he went full-time for WEMI and over the years served as program director, music director, station manager, and director of radio operations. In 2002 he assumed the role of executive director and general manager for Christian Family Radio, now known as The Family Radio Network. Since 2016 Paul has been chief operating officer and afternoon on-air host. He was part of the transition from one full power station to five full power stations and six translators, all in Wisconsin. Paul has given back to his community by serving on several local boards in various capacities, including The Emergency Shelter of Appleton, The Community Clothes Closet of Menasha, and Loaves and Fishes of the Fox Valley. He also serves on the Wisconsin Broadcasters Association Board of Directors and has been a fundraiser host with ShareMedia/Dunham+Company since 2002.


Rob Dempsey has been serving the HIS Radio Network listeners faithfully since 2000, currently working as operations manager and morning show co-host on the HIS Morning Crew with Rob & Lizz. Rob worked as a security guard at television studios for the Home Shopping Network before he was called into the radio ministry. Now, Rob’s personal stories of overcoming obstacles, walking through a long journey to health, and stepping out in faith and selflessness inspire his listeners. Some know him as the guy who lost 140 pounds to overcome obesity, others know him as the 16-year-old kid kicked out of his home to live in the streets, and others know him as being a foster and adoptive parent. Rob and his wife’s kids range from a 34-year-old war hero, 25-year-old social media marketing specialist, 19-year-old honors college student, a 12-year-old they adopted in November 2009, as well as many foster children throughout the last 9 years. Recently, Rob has been on a health journey which included two surgeries, one a major reconstructive surgery. These past two years have been a challenge for Rob, but he continues to show that through God, anyone can become an overcomer.


Since 1989, Mike Harper has faithfully impacted East Texas on-the-air at 89.5 KVNE, where he serves as VP Communications and morning show host. He began as a volunteer weekend DJ, driving from 90 miles away. Mike advanced the cause of Christian radio by serving several years on the steering committee for CMB, and he has taken part in every NCRS/CMB since 1999. According to Nielsen, Mike and Carrie in the Morning has been the #1 Morning Show for a decade (#1 Persons 12+) propelling KVNE as high as an 8.3 share and helping KVNE become the #1 rated station in the Tyler/Longview market. During that time, KVNE won 8 Station of the Year Awards (CMB & NRB). Additionally, Mike and his co-host Carrie Parsons have been awarded “Best Morning Show in East Texas” for 9 years in a row. Mike has shaved his head to reach a pledge drive goal, donned white tights and a cape “for the children,” and stood on top of a building during a remote broadcast. He has daily arrived faithfully at 5:00 am and braved ice, snow, hail, and tornados in an effort to keep his listeners safe, encourage them, and point them to Jesus.


Bryan O’Neal has spent a lifetime entertaining, encouraging, and spreading God’s love to millions over the airwaves, landing his first radio job in 1972 in mainstream Top 40 radio. In 1978 Bryan hosted and produced Portland’s first CCM’s 30-minute radio show on Top 40 62-KGW. He then teamed up with his good friend Bob Anthony to plan a full-time CCM station in Santa Rosa. Eventually that station became K-LOVE. After K-LOVE moved to Sacramento, Bryan became their full-time employee #13 in 1994. In 1998 Bryan worked as the program director for another CCM station, KPAM/Pamplin Media. In 2001 Bryan teamed up once again with Bob Anthony at EMF’s Air1. Bryan was instrumental in moving Air1’s entire Portland staff to the new building in Rocklin, where he worked as operations director and then program director. In 2005 Bryan worked a short stint at KTSL in Spokane, and then became the music director and afternoon host at 89.7 KSGN in Redlands, California. Bryan O’Neal has worked as the program director at KSGN and co-host with Brandi Lanai for nearly 10 years of Bryan and Brandi in the Morning. Bryan hung up his headphones for retirement in March of 2021.


Bill Scott is one of the founders of Vidare Creative, a fundraising consulting company which helps Christian radio stations, through their 365 plan concept, raise the funds they need to grow. Bill has been a part of Christian radio for 39 years. He’s worked at WCIE, The JOY FM, and WAY FM as a production director, on-air talent, program director, and station manager. Bill co-hosted Dawson McCallister Live, which aired on 500 radio stations each weekend. Bill began ZJAM, a syndicated show that aired on 350 stations in the USA, Canada, the UK, and Guatemala each weekend. Bill’s latest show was Xtreme Talk Live, airing each Sunday night on over 200 radio stations. Bill has hosted 700 fundraisers on Christian radio in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Bill also runs Men of Radio, a Facebook group with over 600 men from Christian radio. For the past three years, he has hosted the Men of Radio Winter Retreat in McCall, Idaho, with the focus of getting to know other men on Christian radio so they can walk through life together. Bill Scott believes passionately in Christian radio, and he has dedicated his life to see it grow.