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Can you believe today starts week 6 of stay at home orders? We talk a lot about going back to normal, but what if we grow to something better? I wonder what quarantine changes will stick around for a long time? Curbside grocery shopping, I finally broke my Starbucks habit, maybe my church will cancel the handshake time once and for all during cold and flu season? We’re all a bit stir crazy with the kids at home 24/7. How’s your communication been with your spouse? How many DIY projects did you start just because you’ve been stuck at home staring at all your old broken stuff for 6 weeks?


The air personality. The voice they can still turn on to find comfort and laughter outside of their home. Let’s make this our finest moment in this profession… to remind everyone that a playlist can’t really make you feel like you have a friend out there. We can! Your show might be the only thing pointing toward hope in your listener’s life this week.


If you’re tracking from home and you don’t have many calls or interviews to interact with, try Creative Cardio. We are dry audio ever week that you can use in your show!


How are you entering the house now in this pandemic? Does your spouse make you change before you come inside? Take your shoes off? Hose down with Lysol? Here are some listener calls you can use to start a discussion:

Dry listener calls: What are we dealing with now that will still be around in 10 years? Remember how 9-11 changed airport security forever?


Dry listener calls: What is a pandemic positive that you’ve noticed happening?

New audio from MATTHEW WEST:

1) How is the West home adjusting to this pandemic?

2) Talk to us about an entire tour getting canceled and how in the world do you reschedule an entire tour?

3) Talk about ‘The God who stays”

4) As a song writer and a spiritual inspiration to 1000’s… How do you process fear and anxiety in troubled times and deal with it quickly so you can lift others up in their fear and anxiety

Loads of listener calls about what you are doing to help people in a season when you can’t be right next to them:



Phone topic ideas:


How did you know you hit your ‘I stopped caring’ moment?  Headline: Don’t Forget Pants: Police Remind Residents To Put On Clothes When Checking The Mail.

Don’t Forget Pants: Police Remind Residents To Put On Clothes When Checking The Mail

Have you changed the way you enter the house since the pandemic began? Here’s what some families are doing:

What purchases have gone up for your during the pandemic? We have never bought so much milk. We are never home this much!


Coronavirus social distancing: Trampolines, swing sets & bounce house sales jump! Full story here:

What odd way have you found entertainment during quarantine? My kids are actually building a city out of Legos. They make games in the backyard bouncing balls at each other and they are jumping bike ramps like when we were kids! I caught my kids_____! Here’s 13 funny ways people have found entertainment in quarantine!


Anyone surprised to see a nice chuck of money show up in their bank account unexpectedly this week? Did you spend your stimulus check before you had it? Honestly, how many times per day did you check your bank account this week hoping for a couple grand deposited by Uncle Sam?

Have you traded any items w/ a neighbor during the lock down? (Games, puzzles, food? Charmin?)


Homeschool moms feel free to call and offer any tips to the new homeschool moms that are being baptized by fire! What if you actually learn that you like home schooling your kiddos? What if this is much easier than waiting in the pickup line with the cranky PTO moms every morning and afternoon?


How do you unpack your groceries during this pandemic? Do you clean or just hold your breath and pray? Have you officially converted to online order & pickup like I have?


What is the phrase you have heard the most the past week?

“We will just wait and see”

“Let’s decide in a few weeks”

“Did you wash?”

“Is that canceled”

“Is your mic muted?”

“They are still doing take out”

“No you already had all your screen time!”


Other non virus discussions:

“What show did you/do you watch over and over and over because of your kids?”

“What show did YOU watch over and over as a kid?”

Which kids movie do you actually love, but don’t want your kids to know?


What’s the tastiest meal you’ve prepared recently at home? Bonus points if you share a link to the recipe!


How has you church leaned into creativity recently?


You can only use your phone for one thing… What do you choose?

Most unusual place you found money?

Do you believe in the mantra of “Finder’s keepers?”

Ever notice things break in bunches? When it rains it pours.

What’s the longest string of broken stuff you’ve had had to endure?


What was your quarantine binge purchase? (Retailers say bounce houses & trampolines are selling big time!)


What’s your family dinner routine look like since the whole family has been home 24/7 for 6 weeks now?


What’s the strategy for keeping your workout routine when you don’t have access to a full gym?


What have you noticed about your pet being home all the time with them? ( I feel like gods must be LOVING this season. Cats probably hate it!)





As I’ve seen so many friends posting senior pictures online this week, I really feel for the high school seniors who’s dream year was cut short! No graduation ceremony, no prom or varsity sports this spring. No grad parties. Senior year is huge for our athletes! Here’s an angle. Think about your senior year and describe your memories hanging with your friends after the big game at the local diner at 10:30 on a Friday night. Think about the friends you made at your minimum wage job that you actually loved. Think about the clubs you were part of in high school and the lifelong friends you made in that season before you had to pay for your own stuff in college!


Do you have any budget to work up a prize or 2 that could go to a Pandemic senior having to graduate from home?

Let’s talk graduation. It’s so sad that students have been waiting years to throw that cap and gather to walk across that line and graduate HS. Is that not going to happen now? Here’s a new trend!

Parents decorate doors for high school seniors missing graduation amid pandemic:

Can we do anything with this for our show/station? Supporting the medical field is so huge right now… Anyone seen blue lights up in their neighborhood. If you do a lot of socials in the studio can you get a hold of some blue lights?

Cities Are ‘Lighting Up Blue’ for Healthcare Workers amid Coronavirus — See the Stunning Photos

May be worth at least a break or two on your show. The thought that Christians in China are having to sneak around should really wake a lot of your listeners up.

In coronavirus fight, China hasn’t stopped persecuting Christians: watchdog

The strangest little-known fact about every state

Do you know what our states official food is? How about our official fish? These things exist!




Tell me what the pandemic has done to your faith? Googling These Faith Related Words Has Skyrocketed. This story says, Google searches for “prayer” drastically rose in the wake of the coronavirus quarantine and social distancing measures, an analysis of Google Trends has revealed. It would appear more people than usual have been looking for ways they can pray about the global pandemic currently captivating people to their homes most of the time, minus a few grocery runs and other various necessities. The data reveals that searches for prayer surged around March 15th, just a few short hours after major events began announcing postponements or closures. Interestingly, there was another search term spike right around the same time: Evil.


Googling These Faith Related Words Has Skyrocketed in Wake of Coronavirus Lockdowns

Phew!!!!! Yeah but i know how long it takes to ditch each pound after I let me go! Stop Obsessing Over Quarantine Weight Gain And Cut Yourself Some Slack –  HuffPost Life


Apparently folks are having more vivid dreams during quarantine .. or would that be more “covid” dreams?

One example of little things going a long way! Call and tell us what you’ve seen people trying to do in order to lift people up? My mother has been organizing a car parade in her neighborhood. Hundreds of people come out to wave! Creative Winston-Salem mail carrier brings joy with wild costumes

Overall Americans are keeping pretty positive through this season of uncertainty. Twitter analyzed tweets: 60% of the coronavirus related tweets, relayed what was considered a positive message. Only 18% were negative. Full story here:



Many landlords around the country have been doing everything they can to help their tenants out during this season, but one landlord in Michigan named Alan took that one step further. One occupant in his building was struggling bad so he took the liberty to not only suspend her rent payment for April, but when he found out she was strapped for cash to put food on the table, he surprised his tenant with bags and bags of groceries. The tenant said, “I get a text saying go to your front porch please. And I see this I couldn’t tell you how I feel right now. Milk, potatoes, fresh and dry goods and diapers: He covered it all. GOD BLESS YOU.”


Pankaj Shah is a Safari guide who lives in Kenya. Normally, he is busy showing tourists around his country, but because of the virus pandemic, the Kenyan economy is struggling. To help out, Pankaj has helped initiate a movement to feed thousands of families who’ve been left broke. Set up in a local school, over the past few weeks, Pankaj and his team have sent out over 24,000 hampers which contains enough food to feed a family of five for 2 weeks. Each hamper costs as much as two pizzas and a bottle of soda. Pankaj said he draws his inspiration from one person whom he met years ago – Mother Teresa.


Katie Ricca teaches first grade and ever since the quarantine began last month, she’s been holding Storytime online each day for her students. Katie said, “I think it’s really important. A lot of them do not understand what’s going on right now and they have a whole bunch of different emotions.” But last week, she chose to do Storytime a little different. One of her students was especially sad about the current events, so Katie came over and read to her student in person while maintaining social distance. Katie said, “I was just hoping that I could bring a little joy to her.”


Loneliness was already a national pandemic before the Coronavirus pandemic hit, but now loneliness is running rampant and a group of Canadian high schoolers are hoping to break this trend of loneliness amongst older adults by forming a hotline that anyone can call into. They’re calling it the, “Joy4All Project.” Anyone can call the number at 1-877-JOY-4ALL to play pre-recorded jokes, stores, guided meditation and educational messages. Young people are encouraged to submit their own messages and recordings at: http://www.joy4all.ca


If you need fresh showprep ideas, we have TONS inside – give it a try! It’s lifechanging showprep!


Jayar Reeves
Creative Cardio

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