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The Two Paths of CCM Radio Listeners

As the new year begins, you might want to consider this for your radio show. There are two simultaneous paths that Contemporary Christian radio station listeners are on, and you should be mindful to welcome the listeners from each.


Path 1

Devoted Christian
Casual Christian
New Christian


Path 2

Casual listener
New listener


Read both paths again, but this time from bottom to top. 

 The challenge is how to relate with each person on both paths in a way that’s relevant to everyone. Here’s a hint: you make connection points with everyone listening when you’re mindful of the lowest common denominators, new listeners who aren’t Christians, in everything you do. 



It takes time and effort, but you CAN intentionally connect with each listener on these two simultaneous paths every single break. Here’s a great place to start. Stop assuming that you’re only talking with donors, fans, and fully devoted followers of Jesus in your on-air breaks.

Here’s where it pays off. Connections lead to conversations. Conversations lead to listening habits and deeper faith. Listening habits lead to fans who are most likely to support the mission of your radio station.

After 30+ years at some really great radio stations, Todd launched a coaching and consulting business in 2021. Beyond 615 is where he strives to help others build confidence and discover their full potential. Todd has written 130+ free articles that encourage on-air personalities and program directors. He and his family live in the (615) area code, aka the heart of the CCM industry.