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Local Radio’s Secret Weapon Is Top Zip Codes

Your radio station should compare top listening zips with top giving zips and develop a cohesive plan for every department and employee. Consider doing this type of analysis at least twice a year. Then, incorporate the 5-7 top zip codes into every aspect of the radio station. Here are some ideas:

Programming – DJs could gravitate toward your top zip codes for show prep, mention local landmarks, and include a top zip when giving the current temperature. For example, “Beautiful day ahead. Sunshine and 70 later. Right now, it’s 65 in Franklin and 64 in downtown Nashville.”

Production – You could place landmarks from top zips into a sweeper category. For example, “From the new roundabout in New Albany and at the Park of Roses in Clintonville, Uplifting & Encouraging 104.9 the River is heard all over Central Ohio.”

Promotions – Strategically chosen sticker stops, concert venues, remotes, and appearances inside your top zips. Driving your station vehicle in your top zip codes is a moving billboard as well.


Donor Care – Hold free coffee stops or ice cream socials for donors in your top zips. It’s an inexpensive way to say hello and love on them.

Sales – Top zips are a selling point to local businesses. Birds of a feather flock together… and they also spend money where they live.

Digital/Social Media – If you provide any coverage map on your website, banners, or pamphlets make sure that your top zips are featured. You can also highlight your top zips on your website subpage by providing pictures, a narrative, and links to those key landmarks or points of interest. On social media, DJs or the radio station accounts can post fun facts or even record videos at top zip code landmarks.

Management – Joining and attending the Chamber of Commerce in your top zip codes helps you be seen and shows that you have a vested interest in the eyes of other community leaders.



Many cities are filled with nationwide networks and multiple radio stations in your format. Find your competitive difference and embrace local. Talk about the places that listeners and donors live. Super-serve those communities. Be seen there. 

Connections lead to conversations. Conversations lead to endless possibilities.