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Help Your Listeners and Their Students Navigate Life Change

From a backup singer for Liberty University alumnus Toby McKeehan (’88) — better known as TobyMac — to assistant professor of commercial vocal studies at Liberty’s School of Music, Nirva Ready is using her gifts for God’s glory and putting two of her biggest passions into action: music and ministering to young adults. 

“[Liberty] is just a blessing,” she said. “It’s quite beautiful, and I’ve fallen in love with the students. God has gifted them, and they are talented and eager to learn. It’s such an honor to look at them and remember where I was when I was their age and to be able to pour into them.”

Years ago, Ready spoke with School of Music Dean Dr. Stephen Müller and listened to him speak from the heart about his students. When asked what was most important for students to know prior to graduation, Müller responded, “Even more than what they know is the knowledge of who they are. If you are hardworking, trustworthy, and likable, everything else can be learned. On the other hand, you can know it all, but if you are lazy and unreliable, you won’t last long in a job. Our faculty [at Liberty University] lead by example — modeling character, spiritual maturity, kindness, and servant leadership.”

Ready encourages her students to look to the Lord. “I think it’s important that students know that dreams take time to come to fruition,” she said. “They don’t often happen overnight, but God is for them — He has a plan, and He is faithful to complete the work He started in them.”

If you know students preparing for the transition into their next phase of life, you can be the critical support they need right now. Below are several ways Ready and Müller suggest for helping your students:

  1. Prayer | Seek the Lord’s guidance and provision for them. Ask Him to bless their endeavors and give them peace as they make this big step.
  2. Encouragement | Lift their spirits with a kind word of encouragement. With so many changes happening at once, they need to hear those positive voices to drown out any lingering fears they may have.
  3. Sounding Board | Give them a listening ear to help them vocalize their thoughts and bounce ideas as they prepare.
  4. Financial Assistance | Support them financially as a tangible reminder that you are behind them every step of the way. Gift cards and care packages can be a major blessing for a new graduate.  

If you are interested in learning more ways you can encourage your listeners as they support their students through life transitions or to speak with Nirva Ready and Dr. Stephen Müller about this topic, please visit for additional resources or email to schedule an interview.