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Get Ready for 2023

The holiday haze has finally lifted, and routines are back in full swing. Some folks are talking about a “dry” January or working on those resolutions they made. January is a month when people regroup and reset for the year ahead.

Towards the end of 2022, Nielsen released data about radio and audio audiences. In the spirit of regrouping and resetting, here are some data points from those reports that serve as reminder of all that broadcast radio (across platforms) has to offer.

  • Broadcast radio touches more adults every week than any other medium – reaching 219 million adults ages 18 and older.
  • The highest share of average time spent per day for radio is the morning and through the traditional business day hours.
  • When added to an audio campaign, broadcast radio generates an additional 55% incremental reach.
  • Broadcast radio delivers the scale that advertisers want and need compared to other audio options.
    • Every month, AM/FM radio reaches 93% of adults 18+, which is greater than:
      • Any streaming music service – 52%
      • Spotify – 22%
      • Pandora – 21%
      • Amazon Music – 14%
      • Satellite radio – 13%
      • Apple Music 12%

As noted before, radio connects with listeners. It influences and generates results. According to Provoke Insights, 51% of adults state that radio educates them about sales, and 40% of adults feel a connection with on-air personalities. Additionally, after hearing a radio ad, 50% of adults searched online about more information.

Radio’s ability to drive interest in brands and services works. Based on analyses of AnalyticOwl data, radio increases website traffic for dentists, furniture retailers, real estate agents and so many other products and services.

So along with regrouping and working on those resolutions, remember all that radio has to offer, and here’s to 2023 being your best year ever!

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