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Gen Z and In-Car Radio Listening

If we had a nickel for every time we get asked about Gen Z media habits, we could fund a new study on Gen Z media habits (actually, we are doing a new study on Gen Z and podcasts, but that’s coming soon). 

One of the perks of being a Weekly Insights subscriber is access to new data, so we are pleased to present the graphs below, which were shown last week for the first time at the NAB Show in Las Vegas. You can download the full presentation deck here.

The data in the graphics below are from a new online survey from Edison Research of over 1,100 Americans age 13+ in the U.S., which includes questions on a variety of general interest topics. When asked about reasons they listen to AM/FM radio in-car, the biggest number of Gen Z radio listeners said they listen because it is free (85%), because it’s easier to listen to in the car than other types of audio (69%), and because it’s part of their daily routine (68%). Around half said it was because they wanted to hear specific programs and personalities, and local news and information.

We know Gen Z listeners are no strangers to audio on their mobile phones, but when they are in a car, they are taking advantage of the ‘free’ radio programming, and the ease of using an in-car radio. Interestingly, the daily routine of listening to the car radio is a behavior that is sticking with Gen Z listeners.

Among our Gen Z respondents who listen to both radio and streaming audio in the car, Gen Z listeners were more likely to say AM/FM radio was “quicker to turn on and off in the car,” “easier to use in the car,” and “more convenient to use the car” than streaming audio. 

We are hearing loud and clear from our Gen Z listeners that for now, over-the-air radio is quicker, easier, and more convenient to use in car. For now, broadcasters have the attention of Gen Z when they are listening in the car. That advantage could erode as listening to digital sources in cars becomes more user-friendly. Much of the talk about in-car radio at the NAB Show had to do with radio interfaces and how users access audio options in-car. For radio listeners of all ages, the best thing for radio is an in-car interface that makes both broadcast and digital audio easily accessible. 

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