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5 Step Christmas Music Communication Rollout

It’s that time of year where radio programmers prepare to add Christmas music. Some stations flip to all-Christmas on November 1st, others wait until Thanksgiving weekend, and some simply sprinkle in holiday tunes leading up to Christmas Day. 

If you love to receive a massive number of complaints simply implement Christmas music without warning. Look, you’re not going to please everyone, but you can over-communicate to help. Try this 5 Step Christmas Music Communication Rollout:

1. Your Team and Board – Clearly explain the “WHY” and what you’re trying to accomplish. Your entire team (even interns) should be pulling in the same direction and equipped to answer any questions.

2. Donors and Underwriters/Advertisers – Let them know that apart from the team they’re the first to know.

3. E-mail lists – Those who’ve signed up for your weekly e-mail or music team should find out pre-launch as well, just closer to launch date.

4. Listeners – Pre-promote it on-air and online. Make a theatrical piece of pushing the Christmas music button that kicks everything off which can be turned into a ICYMI promo.

5. Potential Listeners – When you make your biggest fans (above) feel special, they will help spread the word. But also spend some money to promote your Christmas music so you can attract new listeners… new listeners are kind of the whole point.



Many people don’t like surprises. So, when you remove that aspect while over-communicating, you’re more likely to see excitement and less resistance. Even those who don’t care for your Christmas music strategy will appreciate the heads up.

p.s. In December, connect the audience to the deeper values that make Christian radio a special place. Share listener stories of how God uses your station to make difference in their lives. Lastly, invite new listeners to stay into the New Year.

After spending 30+ years working at some really great radio stations, Todd launched a coaching and consulting business,, on March 15, 2021. There he strives to help others build confidence so that they can connect on a deeper level. He and his family live in the (615) area code, aka the heart of the CCM industry.