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5 Facts For Greater Social Media Vision

Meta just released another study on the thoughts and behaviors of users on their platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, etc…

And below are five key areas that stood out to help guide a greater mission for leveraging social media in order to have a more relatable feel to your presence.

Meta’s Insights align with everything I have always believed social media stood for:

  • Interacting with the audience (while still so sorely overlooked) is a differentiator.
  • A positive experience with a brand can often matter more than brand quality itself.
  • People want to learn and know about what’s going on in their local communities.
  • They also want to get to know public figures better via social media.
  • And mostly: People want to feel a part of something.

Be that something.

From Meta:

This (Insights) tool is open to everyone from strategic marketers to curious strategists and allows you to download and share the latest insights.

You can easily scan through proprietary data and commissioned research to help guide your marketing strategy all free of cost.