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3 Ways To Improve Your Voice Tracking

Radio listeners think that radio DJs are consuming the radio station along with them. So, whether you’re live or pre-recorded you must capture the emotion of the moment. That means that voice tracking can’t be just another task to get done or something to blow through just to get finished.



You could argue that consolidation, regionalization, and local budget cuts have harmed radio. They probably have, but so has bad voice tracking. Here’s some evidence and some ways to improve:

Symptom: Out of place emotion from the song to you talking.
Solution: Match the tone of your voice with the mood of the song ending.

Symptom: Little to no effort up song intros (yes, even the really short intros).
Solution: Try to do something instead of just introducing the artist & song title.

Symptom: The voice track break is drowned out by the music.
Solution: Triple check that you duct the song intro and/or never talk up songs that have intense intros (i.e., “This is Amazing Grace” by Phil Wickham).



A few years ago, I had a friend in town over the weekend with her kids. She drove to the radio station to say hello and e-mailed me that she was in the parking lot. That was very flattering since I was voice tracked.

Even if your show is voice tracked, your job is to make it feel like it’s not.


After spending 30+ years working at some really great radio stations, Todd launched a coaching and consulting business,, on March 15, 2021. There he strives to help others build confidence so that they can connect on a deeper level. He and his family live in the (615) area code, aka the heart of the CCM industry.