I’ve Got Something in my Eye! – Momentum Devo Day 3

I’ve noticed something about myself, and it took Facebook to clue me in.

Like you, I’ve got a lot of different people whose feeds I follow when I’m online.  I wouldn’t call them friends, even though that’s how Facebook refers to them.

There’s this one person who often posts long, angry, snarky messages.  This person says they’re a Christ follower, but instead of talking about how God is helping them or changing them, it seems they are most content when they are talking about how hypocritical others can be, and people must be stupid for not being able to see things as clearly as they do.

There’s another person whose posts are pretty much the opposite.  They are always talking about what God is doing in their life, which I really like. But the way they talk makes it sound like they never have any struggles.  It’s almost as if the picture they are hoping to paint is one of constant victory, and unbelievable spiritual growth.

I haven’t reached out to either of these people about how I experience them because neither of them is really a friend. Frankly, I can’t figure out what to say. So, I just continue to be bugged by both of them.  And God is showing me something about my immaturity.  He is showing me that my attitude and my thoughts need to be transformed.

Were I to reach out to either of these people today, it would be to take what probably amounts to a speck out of their eye, while I ought to be asking God to work on the great big plank in mine.  I suspect that if I did more of thatby the time the plank was dislodged from my own eye, the speck in somebody else’s wouldn’t be all that important.

But meaningful transformation isn’t going to happen on my own steam.  God must be the transformer.

Romans 12:2 is a familiar verse.  You probably know that it tells us “not to be conformed to the world, but instead to be TRANSFORMED by the renewal of our minds…”  That sounds like a plan. But will that happen because Paul told me it should?

I can’t change me, and You can’t change you. God is the only one who knows our hearts well enough to know where to deal with the disease and not just the symptoms.

I love how John Piper puts it: “I can’t take my brain out, wash it, and put it back in so that it now follows God’s precepts. I need the Holy Spirit to transform me.”

When that kind of change actually occurs, we know it is God because only God can transform a heart. Only God can set my mind on Him when it is so bent to focus on me.

As people who have seen the glory of the Lord – we ought to want to see more of His glory.  Striving for that, rather than the correction of people who aren’t like me is a good beginning to letting God take the log out of my own eye, so that I can actually see to help others.

Jon Hull
Sr. Director of Donor Engagement, KSBJ

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