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Director of Strategy, Ministry Media

Director of Strategy, Ministry Media

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Job Summary: 
The Director of Strategy is essential to the PBT sales and support team and a vital asset in business expansion and client relations. With a proactive leadership style and people-first, ministry-minded mentality, they foster relationships that lead to expanded growth and continuous support. Their fast-pace and out of the box thinking helps direct the client to ultimate success. They “call the shots,” lead, and coordinate with necessary team members to ensure ultimate client satisfaction through effective project management.

Duties & Responsibilities:
Make our team better!
Serve clients from the moment they have selected their plan as the lead relational ambassador of Powered By Text (PBT)
Advise and consult customers regarding best use cases
Build relationships and care for clients
Manage a large designated client load
Sit in on sales or implementation calls as appropriate with the PBT team members to build relationships
Meet with clients regularly via all appropriate communication methods, providing insight to strategically consider ways to use the PBT platform to reach the specific goals of each client
Coordinate with appropriate team members at PBT to address and handle any customer concerns, software issues, or requests for additional capabilities
Increase PBT product utilization of existing customers appropriately
Ask for referrals and network with client connections to aid in cultivating new business for PBT
Stay current with market trends, continuing knowledge and education appropriately
Exercise discretion and individual judgment concerning company matters of significance
Perform additional duties as needed for the benefit of the company and clients
Travel required as appropriate for the role outlined above

Skills and Qualifications:
Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university
10+ years in Christian Media and Broadcasting; or appropriate closely-connected alternative
Proven account management record
Proficient with Salesforce
Preferred experience using Google Suite and Asana
Preferred experience with startup and/or remote companies
Preferred experience in both SaaS and faith-based industries

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