Industry Spotlight – Brittany Foster

What led you to a career in the radio industry?

My mom…sort of! Radio runs in the family. My grandfather started and operated one of the first radio stations in Northern Michigan. My mom is one of the longest running radio news anchors in the country, as she has worked at WCSG as the morning news anchor for 38 years. Originally, I had wanted to pursue ANYTHING else in college. After an internship at a local station here in West Michigan, it’s safe to say I returned to my roots and acknowledged my love for radio.


What advice would you give people new to the business?

Be willing to step in and help wherever you can! When I first got into the industry, it was an unpaid internship. Don’t underestimate the opportunity to learn about many different areas of the business as an intern. I would also say, keep a life outside of your job. As an industry, especially as believers, we need to be fostering relationships with both who we see as our “target” and others in our community. How can we know how to best serve our community if we don’t know our community?


Give a shout out to someone who is making a difference in radio and what are they doing to make an impact?

I’m thankful for my co-workers here at WCSG for the unique insights and ideas they bring. I also really appreciate the insights of Mike Couchman (JOY 99.1 and BOOST 101.9). “We’ve always done it this way” isn’t a good reason to continue doing it that way. “Change for the sake of change” isn’t a good reason to quit what’s working. I appreciate the questions Mike asks and how he challenges industry thinking. It takes people like that to move the industry forward.


Tell us about a project or accomplishment that you consider to be the most significant in your career.

The thing that comes to mind is more of a team accomplishment. In 2019, we raised over $1 million in 5 days for our new building. Leading up to that week, we had significant personnel changes, some major events going on in personal lives, and heavier than normal workloads trying to gather resources for this event. The entire team knocked it out of the park, but I was so incredibly proud of the on-air team. We worked so hard and I was so proud of how we presented a clear message, highlighted our listeners, and reflected how WCSG could deepen the impact in the community with a new building. I’m extremely proud to have been a part of that.

Tell us about a story of a Christian song that made a difference in your life or the life of a listener.

Phil Wickham’s “Living Hope”. It’s easy for me to equate my value as a person with how well I perform. God is teaching me that because of Christ, the chains of performance are broken, I’ve been given a new name, and I’ve been given the power, hope, and freedom to bring glimpses of His Kingdom to earth.

“Hallelujah, praise the One who set me free
Hallelujah, death has lost its grip on me
You have broken every chain
There’s salvation in Your name
Jesus Christ, my living hope”

Brittany Foster
Assistant Program Director/Afternoons, 91.3 WCSG
CMB Member Since 2013

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