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CMB Industry Shout-out – Michelle Ross

“Shout out to my sweet friend Michelle Ross (GM, 90.9 KSWP) who has attended Momentum for years with her husband Al. This year she was there without him. Al suffered a major stroke shortly after last year‘s conference. It has been a hard year for Michelle from hospitals and rehabilitation centers to moving him home to care for him full-time there. While she has hope, the healing she has so desperately prayed for her husband has not yet come. As I sat in my seat while Rend Collective performed their newest song, feeling a little sorry for myself because of my own personal circumstances, I glanced to my right and saw Michelle worshiping God with all of her heart. Singing “Hallelujah Anyway” loudly with tears streaming down her face, her hands held high. I was reminded that it’s in our most difficult seasons that we can still raise our hands and worship the God who sees us and loves us. Not because of what we hope he will do, but because of what he’s already done. I love you so much Michelle and continue to pray for you and Al every time I think of you. ❤️ Thank you for inspiring me to praise him through the tears.”

– Jess Hart, Program Director/Mornings, Spirit 92.9

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