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CMB Industry Shout-out – To Our Industry

“This shout out is to our entire industry. On Tuesday, March 26, we had a major, once-in-a-lifetime tragedy. A ship leaving the Baltimore harbor lost all power and struck our Francis Scott Key Bridge (AKA “the Key Bridge”), collapsing the entire bridge. This is a major thoroughfare that not only connects Baltimore to other counties but also Baltimore to the world through shipping trades (this boat was heading to Sri Lanka). The harbor master was able to signal a mayday alert and all traffic was held at the bridge. Tragically, a 6-person construction crew on the bridge is still being recovered.

Walking with listeners through a tragedy while you’re trying to comprehend it yourself is incredibly difficult, as so many in our industry know well. Once it became national news, almost every member of our team, from those behind-the-scenes to our on-air team, was flooded with prayers and support from our industry. We can’t name just one person to thank because there are so many – from radio, labels, programs, artists and management, services/platforms. To know we were being upheld in prayer was deeply meaningful and gave us so much encouragement. We are thankful to be part of such a caring and praying community.
– Erin Branham, Creative Services and Social Media Director, Brighter Media Group

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