Z88.3 Teachers Day Out

Tyler from Z88.3 Mornings had a chance to love on, encourage and pray for our Central Florida teachers during the annual Z88.3 Teacher’s Day Out. It was a free event for teachers. The Z served cupcakes and there were a whole lot of conversations!

While summer is just starting, there are so many amazing public school teachers who are discouraged, feeling exhausted and beat up. The Teachers Day Out event is put together by the station and includes a lot of fun and games along with a time to share struggles with each other at their tables. The goal of the event is to let teachers know that they are loved, and not on a lonely island all by themselves.

Z artist, Blanca, was also part of the event. She sang and led a mini devotional for the teachers.

We all had a teacher who changed our lives and maybe helped us get to the path we’re on today. As the world gets darker, we’re thankful for these teachers who are spending their days working so hard to teach the next generation. Z88.3’s prayer is that teachers are left encouraged as well as connected to other teachers in their county that they didn’t know before the event.

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